Sunday, 21 September 2014

DIY necklace hanger

You need:
  • wooden/plastic clothes hanger
  • acrylic paint
  • paint brushes
  • some sort of string (mine looks as if it's made of hay)
  • scissors
  • hairspray
  • little things to decorate with e.g. fake flowers, jewels, ...

I sadly can't remember where I got most of the necklaces, some were presents, the ones on the far left and right were hand made in Africa, the third one from the right is from Primark, the fourth one from the left is from Republic and the third one from the left is from Accessories.

This is what my finished necklace hanger looks like. First I took the plastic clothes hanger and painted it turquoise and green with the acrylic paint. Then I let it dry completely (if possible over night).

 Afterwards I sealed the paint by spraying hairspray all over the hanger. While that was drying, I cut about ten 10cm long pieces of my string. When the hanger was all dried up, I knotted 1 piece of string around the clothes hanger and then repeated this with all the other string pieces. Finally I used some wooden butterflies and flowers which were on a piece of string to decorate the hanger by draping the string around it. And that's it :) It's really easy, super fun and you can easily organise lots of necklaces, especially the long ones which always get all tangled up.

I hope you guys enjoy this type of post, please don't be too harsh on me. I know I am rubbish at explaining what I did but I think if you look at the pictures it is pretty self-explanatory (at least I hope so). Love you guys loads!

Sunday, 14 September 2014

Maybelline Super Stay 24hrs Foundation

I have tried out so many foundations and never found anything that really worked for me. I read tons of reviews and recommendations and then purchased several foundations but none gave me the coverage I wanted. When I finally ran out of my old foundation I found myself not having bought a new one and therefore used my sister's foundation. I didn't promise myself too much from it as my sister really isn't that into makeup. She is the kind of person that picks up whatever looks nice. So I used her Maybelline Super Stay Foundation in 005 beige and ended up loving it. It stayed on the whole day and was a perfect match for my skin. I have rather oily skin but this foundation does not get cakey or shiny. It has SPF 19 (which is always a plus) and is meant for normal skin, but as I said it works wonders on my skin which is more on the oily side. I probably don't need to mention that I got myself exactly that foundation the next day...
The foundation claims to withstand heat, sweat and humidity, which is true, and last 24 hours, which I wouldn't be too sure about, but I wear it everyday for at least 9 hours and it stays on. Who keeps their foundation on for 24hrs anyways? (You shouldn't because your skin needs time to breathe and recover from all the stuff you put on it on a daily basis)
The foundation is great if you want medium to full coverage. It has a natural finish and is available in 7 shades, which is sadly not the best colour range. I was lucky enough to find my perfect match, but I am not sure if there is something for every skin tone.
However it is very inexpensive, 8.99pounds, and comes in a glass bottle with a white pump on top which is amazing as you can control the amount of foundation coming out very well. So if you are looking for a fairly inexpensive high street foundation which effectively covers spots, red marks, blemishes and all other skin imperfections then this is the perfect foundation for you ;)

This blogpost was not sponsored by Maybelline, it is my honest opinion. I really do love the foundation and I haven't found a better one yet. I am surprised I barely hear anyone talk about it in the beauty world, as it does such an amazing job.
Have you tried this foundation? What is your opinion on it?

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

OOTD - back to school

Hey guys. How are you doing? I have survived my first two days back in school and let me tell you, I'm exhausted. But is was also lots of fun, I've met so many new people. Anyway I'm sorry but I was not able to get photos of my outfit on the first day so I decided to show you my second day back outfit ;). My school's dress code is smart, so I went for a blouse with my favourite pair of leggings/trousers and a cardigan.

I don't feel comfortable yet to show my face, so sorry for the awkward hair (it's not that my face is really awful, at least I like to think it's not but I'm still getting used to presenting myself on the Internet ;) )
Showing you my behind... Added some fancy effects to make it look all professional .

My favourite shoes in the whole world - comfy, not too high and super stylish.

Hands... what are you doing....

Top - H&M
Blouse - H&M
Cardigan - Atmosphere
Bag - River Island
Necklace - Republic
Trousers - Zara
Shoes - New Look
Nail polish - Barry M in white

I really hope you like this kind of post, please let me know what you think.
Love you guyssssss

Saturday, 6 September 2014

Catch up

I've really tried getting out and about in the last few days to catch the last bits of the English sun. I went on a bike ride to central London with a friend (which took far longer than expected) and had a picnic in Hyde Park, which was so nice. I love the fact that people have created small spaces of peace and beauty in the middle of a loud and chaotic city. It is so calming to just sit in the park and watch other people getting on with their lives (I hope that doesn't sound too creepy...).

I've also visited Hampton Court palace, which was just as beautiful. You would think palaces are only for older people, but I really enjoyed the rose garden there and I think it is the perfect place to spend some time with your partner. It is very romantic ;)

Hampton Court palace
the vegetable garden there - kinda cool right?

In two days my new school starts and I can just tell you it is nerve-racking. Going to a school where you literally don't know one single person is very scary, but it is also a great opportunity for a fresh start. Getting to know different people, making new experiences and so on. All of that is so important in life, we only learn by doing stuff we've never done before. Stepping out of your comfort zone is the best way to find out what really makes you happy and who you really are. In the beginning you might regret having thrown yourself out there, you feel vulnerable and lonely, but I promise as soon as you get more comfortable and used to the situation, you will begin to realise that it was worth it. The people you meet, the lessons (not just school ones) you learn and especially the fact that you grow stronger as a person is really worth the hard start. So for everyone who is in the same situation as I am and is regretting it already - give it some time! It takes time to get comfortable with the unknown but it is often worth it!

I hope this helped you guys. I wish everyone the best of luck in the next few weeks, the beginning of September is always hard as it means going back to everyday life after a long period of summer holidays.
Don't give up and remember to stay strong. I know you can do it.
Sending hugs out to everyone reading this!

Monday, 1 September 2014

My hair care routine

I've dyed my hair several times in the past, from red to blond with green dip dye to brown. However because of school rules I had to return to my natural hair colour, which is blond, about half a year ago. My hair was pretty damaged back then. In the past half year I have managed to improve the health of my hair and I would say it is doing very well atm.

Products I use in the shower:

I am not picky when it comes to shampoo, I usually use whatever is there. At the moment this is the Herbal essences 'Hello Hydration' shampoo. I really enjoy using it as it cleans my hair and moisturises it. It is for dry and damaged hair and is therefore perfect for my hair. To clean my body I use the 'Vanilla Biscuit' Bath and Shower Gel by the little bubble co. I am aware that this is not for my hair but I wanted to include it because it is amazing. It literally smells like vanilla biscuits and makes my bathroom smell incredible. For conditioner I've been using the L'Oreal Paris Elvive 'Fribrology Thickening Conditioner' for thicker hair, which has done an amazing job at repairing my split ends and making my hair feel soft. Lastly every 2 weeks i use an intensive mask. Recently I've been using the Herbal essences 'Beautiful ends - Split end protection intensive mask'. It says to leave this in for 5 minutes, but I usually leave it in for about 30 minutes. After washing it out my hair feels so much better, it is smooth, hydrated and smells fantastic.

Products I use after showering/for styling:


After I've towel dried my hair I love putting in the 'got2B styling oil' by Schwarzkopf. I massage it in the ends of my hair and it just provides extra smoothness and shine. Moreover it protects the ends of my hair as one of its ingredients is Argan Oil. If I intend to use heat on my hair (I try not to blow dry my hair) I use the 'Heat Defence Stying Spray' by TRESemme. It does an awesome job at protecting my hair from the heat. If I need a bit of extra volume I often use the batiste Dry Shampoo. I love this apart from the fact that if you use too much and you touch your hair afterwards, your hand is white from all the excess dry shampoo.
If I want my hair to have more texture I use the Schwarzkopf 'got2b Texturising Salt Spray'. It does a great job and smells amazing. I also love the hairspray 'happy hour' from the same brand, as it is the only spray I've used so far which smells incredible (not included in the photo as I've sadly lost it recently).

I hope this was helpful for you. If you have any hair product recommendations please comment as I am always looking to improve my hair care routine.
Sending hugs out to everyone reading this :)