Sunday, 15 February 2015

TMI tag

Grab a cup of coffee and some snacks because this is a long post. Enjoy!
1: What are you wearing?

 Top - Forever 21
Skirt - New Look
Tights - present

2: Ever been in love?
Maybe. I thought at the time I was, but I believe now that I am still too young to fall in love head over heels.

3: Ever had a terrible breakup?
No breakup ever is nice but I wouldn't say I've ever had a really terrible one (let's hope it stays that way!)

4: How tall are you?
I want to say over 165cm. I don't actually know tho.

5: How much do you weigh?
Does it matter?

6: Any tattoos?
I wish! My parents would not be happy, but it is on my bucket list. I want it to be meaningful though, so I am still waiting for something to happen that I want to show everyone on my body for the rest of my life.

7: Any piercings?
Earholes, and a second piercing in my right ear. Again I really want a nose piercing but need to find the courage to get one!

8: OTP?
Vanessa Hudgens and Austin Butler. They represent relationship goals.

9: Favourite show?
Great British Bake Off. I am awful at baking but love watching people do it (the irony).

10: Favourite bands?
Er too many. One Direction, 1975, ACDC, Little Mix, Maroon 5, Spice Girls, Fall Out Boy, ...

11: Something you miss?
Not worrying so much about life!

12: Favourite song?
Changes every week, right now probably Uptown Funk by Mark Ronson ft. Bruno Mars.

13: How old are you?
300 and counting.

14: Zodiac sign?

15: Quality you look for in a partner?
Honest, funny, loving, different, active, interested, faithful ;)

16: Favourite Quote?
If you want something you've never had, you've got to do something you've never done.

17: Favourite actor/actress? 
Jennifer Lawrence or Shailene Woodley!

18: Favourite colour?

19: Loud music or soft?
Depends on my mood and where I am :D Right now loud and powerful!

20: Where do you go when you're sad?
I go to my mum.

21: How long does it take you to shower?
Haha ages. If I have the time up to half an hour.

22: How long does it take you to get ready in the morning?
Same here, if I have the time up to 1 hour. I can be ready in 5 minutes tho!

23: Ever been in a physical fight?
I don't think so. I'm so boring :')

24: Turn on?
Self confidence (not too much) and making other people feel good about themselves.

25: Turn off?
Loud farting and finding it hilarious.

26: The reason I joined blogging?
I wanted to see whether I could do it and I have always admired bloggers! Also photography is my passion so why not share it with other people?

27: Fears?
Flying and death.

28: Last thing that made you cry?
Um... probably college. The stress is really getting to us all!

29: Last time you said you loved someone?
My best friend yesterday.

30: Meaning behind your Blogger Name?
Bell is my nickname :) Guess my full name in the comments.

31: Last book you read?
Divergent. BEST.BOOK.EVER.

32: The book you're currently reading?
Insurgent. Spot a pattern?

33: Last show you watched?
Dance Academy on youtube. It's so cringey but sometimes I love it haha.

34: Last person you talked to?
My mum told me what to pack for the camp I am going to

35: The relationship between you and the person you last texted?
One of my male best friends.

36: Favourite food?
PASTA. Or Tiramisu? Maybe Sunday Roast... Oh no, Paella! I love Paella!

37: Place you want to visit?
Australia! I am going there for my gap year if everything works out!

38: Last place you were?
College. Or Germany - depends how you interpret the question ;)

39: Do you have a crush?
Thomas Sangster.

40: Last time you kissed someone?
Yesterday - my cat didn't appreciate it.

41: Last time you were insulted?
I don't know. I try to ignore insults they don't add anything to my life.

42: Favourite flavour of sweet?

43: What instruments do you play?
I used to play the piano but stopped half a year ago involuntarily - I just can't find the time to do it anymore. I also played the violin for 3 years but then stopped cuz I was awful.

44: Favourite piece of jewellery?
Earrings. They add something to every outfit!

45: Last sport you played?
Modern dance.

46: Last song you sang?
Suddenly I see by KT Tunstall. It's been stuck in my song forever.

47: Favourite chat up line?
Did it hurt when you fell from heaven? Because it looks like you landed on your face. (I don't like chat up lines...)

48: Have you ever used it?
Not yet.

49: Last time you hung out with anyone?

50: Who should answer these questions next?
Every single one of you reading this! Don't chicken out (is that even a saying?!).

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Thursday, 12 February 2015

Types of people in a fitness class

I take part in an aerobics/dance fitness class every Monday night and it made me realise that there are different types of people that go there. I am basing this on my experience, I don't know if it is like that in every fitness class, but I have seen these types at several sport centres now.

The pro
This is the person that radiates fitness. They can do every move perfectly and make everything look super-easy. Standing next to them makes you feel like a cat next to a leopard.

The hottie
There is always someone who looks fricking amazing no matter how hard the exercise is. Like, 100 crunches and I am sweating on the floor and they look as if they have just sprung out of a magazine cover. Makes my self-confidence go through the roof....

The bunny
This one makes my day every time. I know you shouldn't judge people when they are trying hard, but it is just too adorable. This person adds a little jump to every exercise, e.g. when you have to do standing hamstring curls, they don't stand, they hop. Seriously, it looks like a rabbit doing exercise. I reckon tho that they burn twice the amount of calories that us 'normal' people do.

The aggro
Ever stood next to someone who appears to have a lot of anger to let out? And that while doing aerobic exercises? No? Well it is scary. This person takes the exercises way too serious! If the instructor tells you to WALK to the left, they will sprint. And if you are in the way, that's your problem not theirs.

The millionaire
Some people need to show EVERYWHERE that they have too much money. It is so obvious at the gym. The newest sport shoes, ten Victoria's secret bras, high tech trousers and even the water is special fitness water. Before you ask, yes I am jealous. Who wouldn't be?

The one that thinks they look amazing
This person thinks that they do all the exercises perfectly and look so much better than you do. But when it comes to getting their buttocks down for a squat, they just stand there, moving their behind slightly backwards. Well done *claps*

The one that's given up
We've all been this person before. Some days just aren't meant for a workout and when everyone around you is jumping their heart out, you just can't bring up the strength to do it. However some people just never seem up for a workout which makes me question why they spent their money on a fitness class...

Haha I hope I haven't offended anyone with this, I am certainly not saying that I am flawless when doing a fitness class. I'm pretty certain that I look completely ridiculous, maybe I need to film it sometime ;) Comment telling me if I have left any types out!
Love you lots <3

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Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Valentine's day outfit inspiration

Let me begin this post by saying that Valentine's day is not only for couples. It is a day to show the love you have for someone, whether this is your mother, best friend or partner. That's what I think anyways.
I am actually quite excited for Valentine's day, it gives my friends and me a reason to do something exciting that we maybe wouldn't do every day. Don't get upset if you are single on Valentine's day, it's just not worth it! Join the club and make the day amazing.

So to get to my actual post, I wanted to have at least one Valentine's day inspired one and what other could it be than... FASHION! Haha not food, sorry. Let's get into it:


This is the outfit you can wear for whatever you do. It is stylish enough for a romantic date night but also great if you want to go on an adventure with your friends ;) It is one of my go-to outfits which makes me feel comfortable but stylish. Perfect for Valentine's day!
Top - Forever 21
Leggings - Zara
Leather Jacket - TK Maxx
Shoes - New Look


This is for when you are going out on a date or a dinner and want to look cute. This dress is extremely flattering, it hugs your upper body and then flares out from you waist downwards. I think it would look gorgeous with some nice sheer black tights and black heels (or the boots from my previous outfit). The necklace helps to elongate your body and adds a nice break to the pattern of the dress.
Dress - Forever 21
Necklace - Boots (if I remember right)


Best thing to do on Valentine's day is still a sleepover. Grab your friends/partner and cuddle up on a bed in PJ's with a cheesy Romance on. Oh and don't forget your favourite treats! So relaxing and the fact that it's Valentine's day makes (in my opinion) the films so much better. After all, love is in the air ;)
Pyjamas - Primark
Socks - some corner shop (similar here)

Have the best Valentine's day ever, do something you love with someone you love!
Sending out hugs to all of you!

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Sunday, 8 February 2015

Weekly roundup: scarves and healthy lunch boxes

This week has been a blur of illness for me. The flu has invaded my college and everyone is having a coughing competition. However the people in charge have decided that attending classes is more important than being healthy, so they drag us in every day and we spend the day spreading bacteria and infecting whoever has managed to resist the wave of viruses so far.
I think you can imagine that I am not too sad that this week is finally over.

The phase of being constantly ill has affected my fashion style as well and I found myself reaching to scarves daily. Why? They keep you warm and provide at least a bit of protection from people coughing in your face. Also they do add a nice touch to your outfit ;)
Here are some of my favourites:

plaid scarf - H&M

I also tried eating extra healthy in the hope of fighting the flu with an overload of vegetables. Not sure if it worked but I have developed a slight addiction to lunchbox salads. Since I couldn't carry all the vegetables into school, I went for salads made out of the veggies (duh what else) instead. So good and refreshing!
My favourite one was what I call 'explosion of red'. I only used red peppers and tomatoes and cut some chicken into pieces. To finish it off I used a bit of plain Greek yogurt and lots of salt and pepper (my taste buds weren't doing their job all too well this week). SO GOOD!

I hope you liked this post and it wasn't too honest for you ;) I assume your week was a bit better, let me know your favourite thing that happened! Mine was going rock climbing on Friday when I was starting to feel better.

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Thursday, 5 February 2015

50 shades of sparkle

Excuse the title, it just seemed to good of an opportunity not to.
The winter months can be really dull, it is cold and rainy outside and most people spend their days ill in bed. This combined can lower your mood and motivation a lot. I believe that the little things in life make the biggest changes, so little pieces of happiness are the best to fight the winter blues. One of these pieces could be your nails or am I the only one who gets happy when they're nails look good?
So my advice is: Grab a sparkly nail polish, put it on your nails and oppose all the dullness! I promise looking at your nails will bring a smile to your face.

Here are a few of my favourite sparkly/glittery nail polishes:

In my opinion, Topshop nail polishes are great. I don't really believe in their other beauty products but these really stay on your nail for a long time and are the most gorgeous colours. The one on the left is 'Plume', a dark purple with a beautiful shine to it. When you hold it into light the colour separates into thousands of different variations and it looks so beautiful. The polish in the middle is called 'adrenaline'. When applied it makes your nail super glittery with a settle hint of pink. The one next to it , '3D', is very similar apart from the fact that it has a turquoise shine to it, which is so beautiful and not over the top like most glitter nail polishes.

When I got these they were in a set of three. I love all of them but the two shown are the sparkly ones. Both of them give off a beautiful lilac/purple glitter effect which looks gorgeous on top of a light purple nail polish. They are not very expensive (Primark) but they are definitely worth their money ;)

I have a bit of an obsession with essence products, good price for good quality. And their nail polishes work really well! I have had the one above, 'Choose me' which is a sparkly turquoise (the photo makes it look blue), for ages now and it still works great. You don't need a colour underneath it and it has a glittery finish. So beautiful.

This one is very similar to the Essence one, it is a bit more on the green side and has only a very settle shimmer to it. It is awesome for those of you that don't like having disco ball nails and want to keep the sparkle to a minimum. Stays on quite well, but I would recommend using a good top coat (e.g. this one) .

I hope you found this inspirational or helpful. As you might have noticed, all the polishes listed are not expensive at all, as I find that nail polishes are sometimes just so overpriced and not everyone (me included) can afford it.
I love  you lots, please let me know your favourite glitter polish in the comments! (Or a top coat you swear by.)

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Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Why being ill isn't the end of the world

Disclaimer: This post is not meant to offend anyone. When I talk about being ill in this context, I mean smaller illnesses such as the flu or just feeling a bit poorly. I am very well aware that there are illnesses that aren't suitable for a post like this, so please don't think I am talking about being severely ill.

We all know the feeling of waking up one morning, feeling pretty awful (and often looking that part too). These days are best spent at home in bed with lots of tea, lots of Netflix and lots of comforting food. Even though being ill is never nice, a day off can sometimes be relaxing and you come out of it feeling even better than before. I am ill at the moment, so I had plenty of time to contemplate the good things about it:

1) You get to sleep
Everyone has such a busy schedule during the week that we often lack one of the most important things: sleep. So when you catch a cold and are bound to your bed, at least you get to catch up with all that lost sleep. After all sleep is supposed to be the best medicine (after laughing of course).

2) You can spend a whole day watching TV/being on the computer without anyone complaining
Let's be honest, when you are lying there with an awful headache, the last thing you want to do is do the work you know you are missing. You feel tired and can't concentrate so the only possible entertainment is watching Netflix, TV or youtube. Doesn't sound too bad does it?

3) People are so much nicer
My family always turns so much nicer when I am ill ;) Human instinct appears to be helping a person in need, and even if we aren't that much 'in need' , it's enough to get someone to bring you a cup of tea and some sweets. Room service for free.

4) Lots of tea and comfort food
Here in the UK we have a slight obsession with tea, so being ill is the perfect 'excuse' to drink 5 litres of it. Seriously, I am not lying when I say I've had seven cups today....  Also tea warms you up and helps with a sore throat or a cold. In addition you can have whatever food you want with your tea, an ill day is a perfect cheat day where you just eat whatever feels right. Don't lie, we all do it. And it's great!

5) You appreciate being healthy more
Now this one is quite deep, but how would we appreciate the good things in live without the bad ones? Being ill makes you realise how good it feels to not be ill. I think we need a little reminder every now and then of how great it is to be healthy!

6) Bubble baths
Bubble baths make everything better and on a day where you feel quite poorly they work miracles. Just sink into the hot water and read that book you have wanted to read for ages (mine is Divergent) - you'll almost be able to feel the illness leaving your body.

7) Look like a hot mess
No one will judge you for the way you look when you are ill. Messy hair? Oh well. Red face? Not that bad. Sweatpants and a hoodie? No worries. You have an excuse to look the way you do, after all you are ill ;)

8) Just don't worry
We worry so much all the time. Just relax. One day off isn't going to make you fail your exams and the world isn't going to go into breakdown if you don't turn up somewhere. Give your body the time it needs to heal - worrying about it will only make it worse.

I know that lost of people (me included) have the flu right now, so if you are lying ill in bed and thinking I've gone nuts to say being ill has it's positives sides - I completely understand. Still I hope this brought a smile to your face and you feel better very soon!
I love you lots, leave me a comment telling me one good thing about being ill :)

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Sunday, 1 February 2015

Places I want to visit - A to Z list (second part)

M for Madagascar
Who remembers the same named movies? Me! I've watched all the Madagascar movies at least 3 times and I need to see the country they were named after (at least that's how I interpret the movie title). Also the wildlife there is supposed to be amazing.

N for New Zealand
Another country I relate to a movie, New Zealand is the home of the Lord of the rings trilogy (and the hobbit). The films feature many landscape shots that reveal the extreme beauty of this country. Also I really want to visit the Hobbit village and see the magic with my own eyes.
Photo credit to the person that has always inspired me and made me fall in love with New Zealand - Fun for Louis  

O for Oklahoma USA
Not really a country, but a state. And (oops) again film related - there are tons of films out there featuring Oklahoma as the background of the action. Also Brad Pitt was (apparently) born there. Probably quite shallow reasons to want to visit a place, but they're good enough for me...

P for Philippines
The magnificent beaches and islands, as well as the beautiful flora and fauna makes the Philippines a place you can't miss.  Like seriously, if you want to make your partner love you even more, just fly them out to the Philippines (this is intended as a joke and not meant to offend anyone). I really need to find the money and time to go there!

Q for Quebec
Quebec is a province in east-central Canada. One of the reasons I want to visit it is the gorgeous Ch√Ęteau Frontenac that is a wonder of architecture. On their official website they out a picture of the castle in the winter and it looks so stunning. If I went there, I would definitely do so in winter anyway, because I think that's when the landscape looks its absolute best!

R for Russia
I have several Russian friends but haven't seen their country yet. I love Russian people, they are so different and aren't afraid to speak their mind. Russia is so different to everything I know, which is why I am so attracted to the country. Also - the food. SO. GOOD.

S for South Africa
Having been there once before, I can only rave about it. So so so beautiful. When I went there, I did lots of Safaris and tried to see as much of the wildlife as possible. One day I will go there again and try get to know the local culture and traditions a bit better. Spending less time in the touristic Safari parks will give me a completely new view of South Africa which I can't wait to explore.
I loved South Africa that much that I even based a whole part of my GCSE Artwork on it a few years ago.

T for Turkey
Again I have already been here but (sadly) only in one of the tourist resorts - meaning I spent one week in one of the all-inclusive hotels... It's not hard to guess that I didn't see a lot of the actual country during that week, so Turkey is definitely on the list of places I want to visit - in fact with only a backpack as company.

U for United Kingdom
Yes I know I live here. Still, if you'd ask me about my favourite places to visit,  UK would definitely be one of them. I love it here, especially London or the seaside, e.g. Brighton. England has this special charm to it that makes me want to stay here even though the weather is horrific (#cliche) ;). Anyways, if you have never been to the UK, you are missing out big time!
I even made a list of 15 things I love about London...

V for Vatican city
Umm excuse me, this is a STATE. It's tiny! And ruled by the Pope. Sounds kinda cool, doesn't it?
In addition, the gorgeous St. Peter's Basilica can be found there, which is more than photo worthy. Definitely worth a visit, not only for religious people!

W for Washington, D.C.
The capital of the United States. I could not not include it in this list. The White House is located there, which is reason alone to visit. However there's more: several unique museums, the Lincoln memorial, the Washington Monument, the National Mall and so on (I am not paid to advertise it ;))
I have been to the US before but didn't make it to Washington DC, so this is very high up on my 'places I need to visit' list!

X for ?
Here I need your help. Is there any place beginning with X you really want to see? And why? Leave your answer in the comments.

Y for Yellowstone National Park
As I said, I have been to the US and this is one of the places that I did see - and I would go there again immediately. Even though it smells a bit funny, the geysers are one-of-a-kind  and the springs look incredible. Secret tip: If you visit, make sure you get up at 6am one morning and drive around. There are lots of bison there and since it gets so cold during the night, it looks as if they emit fog in the morning - so stunning! (very badly explained, but see what I meant here)

Z for Zurich, Switzerland
Mountains. Lakes. Botanical Gardens. Old towns. And even skiing. Find all this and more in Zurich. Sounds like a bad advert, but is actually amazing. I'd love to visit Zurich, it is so homely in a way. A perfect place to end my list.

And that's it. All the places I want to visit listed. My life-time goal is to actually see all of them. I don't just want to stay in one place all my life, I want to see the whole world. There are so many beautiful places out there, most of them I couldn't even list here. I want to see them all. And I know, that one day I will.
I love you lots, have the best week ever!

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