Thursday, 29 January 2015

Places I want to visit - A to Z list (first part)

A for Australia
Sea, beach, sun, surfing, cool people. Australia knows how to live. I mean just google it and look at the beautiful  pictures that come up. Also I'm kinda in love with their accent!

B for Bosnia and Herzegovina
Brooke from World of Wanderlust wrote a whole post on why to visit Bosnia and Herzegovina and it totally got me! Beautiful architecture as well as landscape - my perfect city!

C for China
Nope, I can't believe it either, I've never been to China. One of the fastest growing economies and centre of many fashion as well as beauty trends - every blogger should go there at least once in their life!

D for Denmark
Danes have style, their design is world famous. Everything appears to be creative and different there and I need to see it myself!
E for Egypt
I've actually already been in Egypt, but I was like 5 years old. I want to go again and ride a camel and see the pyramids and just be a tourist... GOALS

F for France
France is always worth a visit, whether you go to Paris or the south coast! Also I didn't do my French GCSE (a while ago) for nothing...

G for Germany
My homeland. After all no matter how long I live in the UK, I will always have a small space in my heart reserved for this country. Also it really is beautiful there, from mountains to top-modern cities, Germany has it all!

H for Hungary
I've never been anywhere like Hungary and I think it would be really cool to learn more about the culture and people there!

I for Ireland
I could listen to the Irish accent for ages. I sometimes even watch the Irish versions of TV programs just for the accent (yep it's embarrassing). I can't believe I haven't been there yet, definitely a place I need to visit!

J for Japan
They have a bullet train! And robots! And like amazing food! Need any more reasons to go there?

K for Kenya 
Just look at this picture and tell me you don't want to go there!

L for Liechtenstein
Just because it is super tiny! Haha nah, it might be small, but it's got a big heart. Ok, I'm going to stop now, it's not funny. Liechtenstein has the most beautiful green landscapes that are super photo worthy and is just a generally really cute country.

I hope you enjoyed my list of places I want to visit, stay tuned for part two! Also write the name of a country you really want to see in the comments!

Love you lots <3

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Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Hair inspiration: short hair

It appears like every female celebrity has made the decision to chop their beautiful locks off and rock a trendy shorter hairstyle. I love it. I myself have rather long hair, but once I find the courage to do so, I will definitely get rid of all that unnecessary length. Here are some of my favourite short hair styles of celebrities:

Vanessa Hudgens
 I have loved Vanessa ever since Highschool Musical, but when she cut her hair I developed a serious woman crush on her. I mean, how gorgeous can one be? Love the ombre effect as well as the soft waves she has in this photo (selfie goals)!

Kristen Stewart
I sadly can't include the picture directly due to copyright, but this lady is my absolute favourite of the short hair club. She looks stunning, the red/orange tinge adds an unique touch to it and her hair looks super textured and voluminous. Whether you like her or not, you can't not like this do. Congrats Kristen, you killed it (in a good way)!

Emma Watson
Yes, this was a while ago but I will never forget the drama it provoked. Maybe because she was one of the first to cut it all off or maybe because her famous film character Hermione Granger would never do that. It doesn't matter as in the end it looked amazing! Her face is so beautiful that she doesn't need long locks to make an impression. A true role model, not just when it comes to hair (coughGoodwillAmbassadorforUNWomencough).

Jennifer Lawrence
Immensely talented, hilarious and gorgeous. JLaw has it all. No wonder she can rock the short hair like no one else. Her hair falls beautifully and frames her face without drowning it, which long hair usually does. Looooove it!

There are endless other women, who have a stunning short hair styles, I could include but I will leave it with these four. Kristen is probably my absolute favourite, but they all pull off the short hair as if they were born with it (pun alarm). Totally makes me want to run to the hairdresser and get my hair cut off, but I am still too afraid (after all I am in no way as breathtaking as these ladies).
I hope you've found this inspiring, whether you want to cut it short or just like looking at hair inspiration. Let me know your favourite celebrity who cut their hair short!
Love you lots!

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Sunday, 25 January 2015


Yes I know, a skincare post was long overdue. To be honest though, I have only recently found products that I really love and would honestly recommend. I use these on a daily basis and they have done wonders for my skin. Disclaimer - that doesn't mean my skin is perfect now, I still get the occasional pimple. However my skin has cleared up lots and started looking a lot healthier.

Simple - 'Kind to skin moisturising facial wash'
First of all, I have oily/combination skin, but this product claims to be for sensitive skin. I researched hours to find the best facial wash for oily skin and this one appeared to be the best one. Hence I bought it and I don't regret it one bit. The product is gentle on the skin, cleanses really well and doesn't dry you out. One of the best skincare tips I have ever gotten is to keep it basic, products for oily skin often dry you out and leave your skin looking dull. I've used this every morning for about 3 weeks now and my skin has shown vast improvement.

Witch naturally clear - 'pore minimising gel wassh'
I have always had positive experiences with witch products, and this one is no exception. I use it in the evening to take off my face makeup and cleanse my skin. This product is for oily to combination skin, hence it is oil free (good for acne prone skin). The product also claims to be pore minimising, which hasn't worked on my skin yet. Still, the product does its job, it clears up your skin, gets rid of all dirt and makeup and most improtantly doesn't dry you out. In combination with the simple face wash, this product works wonders.

I am always on the hunt for new, even better skin care products so do share your recommendations in the comments. I always really enjoy reading your comments and try to reply to as many as I can!
I hope you enjoyed reading this post, have an amazing week! Lots of love <3

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Wednesday, 21 January 2015

5 things I want to achieve this year

I know we're way into 2015 now, but it is never too late for a motivational post (that's what I think anyways). I don't really believe in the whole new year new me stuff, but I do believe in making the best out of  every year. We get the opportunity to fill another 12 months with experiences, memories and life lessons. Let's not waste it!

1. Spend more time offline
The Internet has become a massive part of my life, even more so now that I have started blogging. However I feel like I often 'waste' my time while on the Internet. Twitter, Tumblr and Pinterest keep me online for hours but not in a very productive way. I see all these accounts of people who travel, meet new people and try out new things and always admire them. This year, instead of just looking at other people's amazing lives online, I want to make my own life just as amazing. I want to try out new sporting activities, do a backpack tour (ALREADY PLANNED) and meet new people! With all the support you find online, it is often hard to remember that there is a real world out there which yearns to be explored (haha I'm being cringy now).

2. Take more photographs
Through my blog and my art course I have started to realise just how much I love photography. Capturing beautiful things wherever I go has become my passion. Looking at the photographs and being proud of them is the best feeling in the world. In 2015 I want to take even more pictures and learn more about how to make them look their best!

3. Maintain friendships
In my perfect life I would be living surrounded by all my friends. However this is not the case in real life, and as we all move on with our lives, I sometimes find it hard to keep up friendships. Memories are more easily forgotten than you'd think and the saying 'Out of sight, out of mind' becomes reality. I need to find the time to meet old friends and make an effort to keep in contact. A simple 'How are you?' on whatsapp can go a long way. Don't forget what big part your friends have played in your past - give them a chance to be in your future!

4. Start cooking and baking
Recently I have really gotten into healthy eating. One day each week I eat vegan and overall I just try and eat food that is good for you. Since my family agrees with healthy eating but isn't really into being vegan or overly healthy baking, I have started to cook/bake more. I made the banana bread from Living The Healthy Choice as well as my own Healthy Oatmeal Cookies. In 2015 I want to keep cooking and baking healthy and increasingly often vegan.

5. Stand up for what I believe in
This is one of the reasons I created this blog. I wanted to share my thoughts and connect with people that feel the same way. I still find myself being shy when it comes to standing up for my opinion. I want to start being confident about my believes and passions. This should include telling my friends about this blog, as it is something I really believe in and am passionate about. Right now I am too scared to do so, but this year I want to tell people about my little space on the Internet. I want to find the courage to shout it out loud! (wow.... way to go Bell)

I hope this inspired you to make something of 2015! What do you want to achieve this year? 

Also you might have realised I changed my URL. Long story short I just found the old one wasn't fitting anymore, so I decided to change it to Moreover I am contemplating naming the blog 'My little space'. What do you think? Do you want a full blogpost explaining it?
Love you lots!

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    Sunday, 18 January 2015

    Travel diary: BALI

    A while ago I went on holiday to Bali for three weeks. I don't know why, but I just never came around to sharing the photographs I took of this stunning country.
    Going to Bali is something special, not just because of the 15 hours flight duration. Bali is an island of Indonesia and is a popular travel destination for people either looking to go surfing or (as we did) explore the temples and unique landscape. I fell in love with its beautiful rice fields, rain forests and colourful cities. The only downside were the incense sticks that were literally everywhere and made me feel slightly sick.
    Other than that, I would definitely say Bali is a one-in-a-lifetime experience that you shouldn't miss out on! Are you prepared to be bombarded by pictures?

    The view from the first travel lodge - we had outside showers and toilets so you literally showered underneath the sky!

    They hand-stitched the patterns and images and even made the fabric! It was an eye opening experience.

    This was one of the times where I just enjoyed being right there at exactly that moment!

    This was the monkey park, there were wild monkeys everywhere. Some tourist got out their water bottle and was immediately jumped on by a monkey trying to steal it!

    Temple grotto - even the statues had to wear skirts to cover their legs ;)

    Rice fields were everywhere and they were just so fascinating to look at!


    Even more rice fields - they built these plateaus so they could plant the rice on the mountain.

    We found these two next to the rice plateaus. How cute are they??

    I climbed all the way to the waterfall. Standing almost underneath it was an incredible experience!

    One of Bali's biggest temples. We weren't allowed to enter it because only certain (holy) people had permission to.

    I'll leave you with this breathtaking view I had when we visited the Gili islands next to Bali. Imagine sitting there with a cocktail in your hand and people you love by your side.

    Love you lots!
    Leave a comment telling me your favourite travel destination.

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    Thursday, 15 January 2015

    Healthy Oatmeal Cookies

    One of my most recent blogposts was about going partly vegan. I am proud to tell you that I didn't just claim that to make people read my blog. I really believe that eating vegan 2-3 days a week is super healthy and gets you fit.
    So yesterday I had my first vegan day. I started off with oatmeal which I mixed with hot water, cinnamon and some raisins. I had a salad for lunch and mushroom paella (all vegan ingredients) for dinner. However I knew I needed something to snack on during the day, so I went online on a hunt for yummy, healthy cookies. As always I found the perfect recipe on pinterest: Oatmeal Cookies (Favorite Family Recipes)
    I decided to put my own spin on it and make it vegan. The result were super delicious, healthy AND vegan cookies that are a filling snack. I must admit they are not the most photogenic cookies but let's ignore that for once ;)

    Let's Start:

    You will need:
    • 3 bananas (mashed)
    • 50g applesauce
    • 200g oats
    • 3 tablespoons almond milk
    • 1 tsp. vanilla
    • 2 tsp. cinnamon (or however much you fancy)
    • 50g dark vegan chocolate or raisins
    Make the cookies:
    1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees.
    2. Combine all the ingredients in a large mixing bowl and stir until they are the consistency of cookie dough (you might need to add a bit more almond milk).
    3. Spoon the mixture onto a greased baking sheet (or use non-stick baking paper) and form small cookies (about 20).

           4. Bake for 15 minutes or until golden brown.

    And that's it. Super easy! Even I, an unskilled baking amateur, could do it and it tasted amazing!
    I really hope you try it out, if you do, make sure to send me pictures on Twitter.
    Happy baking :)

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    Monday, 12 January 2015

    15 things I love about London

    About 4 years ago my family and I made the big decision of moving to England. We moved into a house just out of London and I slowly but surely fell in love with the city. Not being used to the amount of people that go through London on a daily basis, it took a while to adjust but now I wouldn't want to be without it.
    Here are 15 of the things I adore most about London:

    1. The Architecture
    London's buildings are from a range of different time periods. You can find century old houses just casually standing next to high tech skyscrapers. It is fascinating and makes the city incredibly interesting (and photo worthy). There's an endless range of the most beautiful buildings, from the Houses of Parliament to the Natural History Museum to the Ravensbourne College of Design and Communication. I could go on forever!

    2. There's always something going on
    A quiet day in London? No way! The next event or festival is just around the corner and it is definitely worth visiting. London never rests. It can seem kind of exhausting but it actually just means it never gets boring.Moreover it throws the best parties (that are enjoyed by the whole world, e.g. the Olympics). London never does anything half way, it always gives 200%.

    3. The city never sleeps
    This links to my previous point. This city never ever sleeps. If you want some company in the middle of the night, just go into central London. My favourite thing about this point isn't that great for the environment (light pollution) but especially when you live just outside of London, the night sky will always have a red tint. It never goes completely dark as the city literally glows. It looks stunning!

    4. The people
    Over 8 million people. About 270 different nationalities. London is one of the most diverse cities in the world. It is amazing to walk along the streets and see people from all over the world enjoying London. People from here are crazy, just like the city they always have something going on and it's amazing. Also I have never been anywhere else and heard the word 'sorry' that many times in one day, politeness at its best!

    5. Over 300 different languages
    This again links to my previous point, but I just had to mention it separately. The people in London speak in over 300 different languages! Can you imagine what it is like sitting on the tube? It's amazing. Picking up fragments of a conversation in a foreign language and wondering what they could've said keeps you from falling asleep. Speaking another language is part of London and everyone accepts it.

    6. Shopping
    I couldn't not mention shopping. Malls over malls, never ending shopping streets and the biggest range of shops ever. From fancy shopping in Liberty to cute little stands in Camden, you have everything your heart desires!

     7. River Thames
    Because not every city has a river flowing right through it! It gives London that special touch and makes it even more beautiful than it already is. The Thames stands for London, just as the Queen stands for England ;)

    8. Museums
    The variety of different museums is incredible. All of them are filled with breathtaking exhibitions that are definitely worth seeing. If you visit London without visiting one of the museums here, you haven't actually visited London :D

    9. Art Galleries
    From museums to art galleries, London has it all. Every week there seems to be a new art exhibition that is just as beautiful as the one before. As an Art scholar it is very close to heaven. I recently visited the Frieze Art Fair and it was one of the best yet. I have never ever seen such a wide range of different artists from all over the world in one place!

    Spot me?

     10. Graffiti
    And moving on from art in galleries to art in the streets of London. You can find the beautiful work of street artists everywhere in the city, but my favourite ones are at Southbank!

     11. Tourist Attractions
    Obviously stunning, not just for tourists. I believe you can never get enough of places like the Tower of London, London Eye, Big Ben or the shard! They are the things that represent London, that are pictured in every tourist guide everywhere around the world. I cannot talk about London without giving them the credit they deserve!

    12. Parks
    I could go on about this forever, have even written a blogpost about this point. The parks. In London you are never very far away from the next oasis of greenery and it is fascinating. One minute you are on a busy high street, the next in a peaceful park with swans swimming in a lake. My all time favourite is Hyde Park  (I dedicated a whole post to this beauty).

    13. Fashion
    If you ask someone what the fashion capitals are, they will list you Paris, Milan, New York and (guess what) LONDON! Walk the streets and you will know why. Many fashion trends found their starting point here and the biggest designers search the city for inspiration. London fashion week is world famous and a highlight in the fashion industry every year. My fashion style has changed drastically since I've moved here and not for the worse. I have become far more confident in clothes and am often inspired to try new things.

    14. Food
    From street stands to posh restaurants, London has it all. Even though Britain might not be known for good food, you cannot deny the fact that London offers incredible culinary experiences. From Jamie Oliver to Paella at Covent Garden, you will never be without food. And who doesn't love food?

    15. The community
    Last but by no means least is London's community. Londoners stick together. Always. It's the foundation of everything else that makes this city one-of-a-kind. 

    And that's it :) I really hope you enjoyed reading this, leave a comment telling me what you love about your city!
    Love you lots!

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    Saturday, 10 January 2015

    Would you rather Beauty TAG

    I love 'would you rather' tags, although I am horrible at making decisions. But who doesn't like to challenge themselves ;). This time I decided to do a beauty edition, 10 'would you rathers' concerning everything beauty related. Get ready, set, GO:

    1. Would you rather go out with messy hair and nice make-up or nice hair and no make-up?
    Well, this one is actually quite easy as I love the messy hair look and wear it every day anyway so I'd choose nice make-up and messy hair. However the person who created this probably didn't mean the nice type of messy hair but still.... the face is more important than hair :D

    2. Would you rather shave your eyebrows or have your eyelashes fall out?
    Definitely shave my eyebrows. Until they grow back I could just draw them on with an eyebrow pencil ( loads of girls do that anyway because of over plucking their eyebrows). If my eyelashes fell out it would look really weird when they start growing back and I don't even know if fake lashes would stick without the real ones to support them.

    3. Would you rather be forced to shop only at MAC or Sephora for the rest of your life?
    Here in the UK we don't have Sephora, but as far as I know they have lots of different brands so I'd only shop at Sephora. As much as I like MAC, I think different brands have different strengths so just relying on one brand would be too risky for me.

    4. Would you rather wear lipgloss/lipliner look or 80's perm?
    80's perm all the way. I wish I was born in the 80's, I love how crazy and colourful and just over the top everything was. Literally I don't even need a bad other option (like the ligloss/lipliner look - ugh) to agree on getting an 80's perm ;)

    5. Would you rather leave the house with an obvious foundation line or overdone blush?
    Um, probably an obvious foundation line (have probably done it before...), because I absolutely HATE overdone blush. My face gets red really easily, so with overdone blush I'd just look like a walking tomato!

    6. Would you rather wear MC Hammer pants or biker shorts in public?
    MC Hammer pants all the way haha. I think they can actually look pretty cool on girls, if you don't drown in them. (If you didn't know, MC Hammer pants are loose fitting trousers inspired by harem pants) Justin Bieber really needs to stop wearing them tho...

    7. Would you rather have a bad orange-y spray tan or really weird tan lines that can't be covered?
    Tan lines because it'd probably mean I'm naturally tanned rather than that super fake orange stuff. I don't actually tan so having weird tan lines would be more of an achievement than embarrassment to me ;)
    8. Would you rather have a bad haircut or bad hair colour?
    Oh I've had bad hair colours before e.g. when I was thirteen and thought red would look good on me...
    So I'd probably choose a bad hair colour, which is easy to change and I sadly have experience dealing with.

    9.Would you rather have youtube or twitter taken away forever?
    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. How's that beauty :'( I would probably go for twitter because youtube is my TV, but then how would I connect to fellow bloggers... This is what I call a first world problem!

    10. Would you rather give up using makeup brushes or mascara?
    Makeup brushes because mascara is my holy grail beauty product. And I could use sponges or simply my hands to apply my makeup.

    Aaaaand that were all the questions. I really enjoyed answering them, I tag everyone reading this!
    Also choose the question you found the most difficult and write your answer in the comments - let's share the struggle ;)
    Love you lots, have a beautiful day!

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    Wednesday, 7 January 2015

    Should you go vegan?

    Chicken Ceasar Salad without chicken and cheese in the future?

    Vegans don't eat or use animal products. It is a lifestyle that is becoming increasingly popular. However there are mixed opinions on it, some claim it is super healthy, others say it can lead to health problems because you miss out on important nutrients.
    As a result I decided to look it up myself and find out to the best of my ability the pros and cons of veganism.

    So let's tackle the problem of Vegans missing out on nutrients. This is partly true, as animal products are the main source of many of our essential nutrients, but they are repaceable!
    Vitamin A is mainly found in animal products. Vegan's can only get it by eating beta carotene which is found in oranges and green vegetables, and they need to eat a lot of it to equal the amount in animal products as the body has to convert the beta carotene into Vitamin A.
    You also miss out on Protein in meat and fish, however this is easily replaced by beans, quinoa and tofu.
    There are more nutrients mainly found it animal products but fact is, they can all be replaced in a varied vegan diet. All nutrients can be gained by plant based food, so on nutritional basis a vegan diet can get you your nutrients just as well as a normal diet. Find more information on what vegan foods you need to eat to gain which nutrient here.

    The question whether a vegan diet is healthy, can consequently only be answered by saying that it depends on what you eat, as with every diet. It can be harder to get all the nutrients but it is possible. There are potential benefits to a vegan diet, it is often higher in vitamin C and fibre, and lower in saturated fat.
    If you look at all the pros and cons , a plant based diet is probably not better nor worse than a normal one. However research shows that vegan people often live a healthier lifestyle. How come?
    The answer is actually quite simple. If you eat vegan you really have to know your food, know what is plant based and what will get you the essential nutrients. This means that you know the nutritional value of different foods, so you will probably know which foods are good for you. All in all this will lead to you eating foods that are better for you. It's all about knowledge ;)

    I am not a Vegan but I am seriously contemplating including it into my diet. However I do like milk and Nandos too much to completely leave them out, so I really want to try out eating vegan 2-3 days of the week. Always being vegan can be difficult, especially when you have a busy schedule, but that doesn't mean you have to miss out on the benefits of it (did you know that vegans have a lower average BMI than non-vegans?). A plant based diet is great if you want to become fitter and detox your body, as well as eat healthier. Just as I said, you don't have to do it permanently or every single day. Just try it out and if it's not for you, you can always eat 'normally' again. There's no harm in trying, right?

    So knowing all this, would you choose to become vegan? Or are you like me and would only want to do it partly? Or maybe you don't want to try it at all for whatever reason? I would love to hear your opinion on this topic, so do leave me a comment.

    Love you lots.

    Disclaimer: I am in no means a nutritional expert, all my information are from health websites such as or I cannot promise you that everything I wrote about is to 100% correct, although I really tried my best to provide you correct information about this important topic. Let me know immediately if any information is incorrect or incomplete. 

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    Monday, 5 January 2015

    OOTD and pep talk

    Boots - Hoegl
    Trousers - Topshop
    Coat - Forever 21
    Jumper - Pull & Bear

    I wish I could have shown you this outfit in some beautiful location with a hot chocolate in my hand and proper lighting. Truth is tho I am stuck taking photographs after college in my room when it's dark outside. But oh well, life isn't always a fairytale

    However that's no reason to sink into depression. I am very well aware that most people (including myself) had to go back to normal life, whatever that is for you, today and it is certainly not the most pleasurable experience. Soo I thought we all need a bit of motivation - here are some things that are worse than the end of holidays:
    • dropping pizza
    • getting stuck in a baby chair
    • Facebook chain messages
    • some plane food
    On a more serious note, things often seem worse than they are. I challenge you to find at least one good thing about every single day and write it down. When you look back, you'll see things aren't actually that bad. Now I know this doesn't make getting out if bed on a Monday morning any easier, the only thing that helps in that case is a very strong coffee.
    I hope your first day back to the real world wasn't too bad, if it was, I recommend watching a good movie and taking a bubble bath ;)
    Love you lots!


    Saturday, 3 January 2015

    Beauty must-haves to start the New Year

    Starting a new year is always exciting, everyone is so energetic and positive, I love it! I don't really believe in New Year's resolutions tho, I think if you really want to improve anything in your life, you should do it right now. Quit waiting for the perfect moment, we all know it will never come!
    Anyway on another note I got a few new beauty items for Christmas and really want to talk about 3 of them that I can't believe I've lived without for so long.
    Sooo here are the 3 beauty items you really need in your life. (Disclaimer: none of these are newbies to the world of beauty - I am probably the last person to rave about them but oh well)

    Real Techniques Stippling Brush

    I can't even begin to tell you how many brushes and sponges I have tried out for applying foundation. This one is by far the best. It really does what it claims to do: 'creating airbrushed, high-definition results'. It takes longer than a sponge to blend my foundation but once it is blended into my skin it looks flawless. Moreover it is super soft which is always a big plus.

    Benefit 'They're Real!' Mascara

    Before Christmas I spent days searching the Internet for the best mascara and all of them had mixed results. Some people loved that one mascara, but others claimed it irritated their eyes and so on. The Benefit "they're real" had mostly positive reviews, but also disappointed ones. I decided to give it a try, and I love it. It makes my lashes look super long and stays on forever. It is a bit of a struggle to get off in the evening but I can deal with that. It's perfect for everyone who likes they're lashes to be all out, not so much for the natural girlies out there.

    Sleek Make Up 'Face Form'

    This is a contour kit that contains contour powder, highlighter and bronzer/blush. I chose the light one and fell for it after the first time using it! I first heard about Sleek through Zoella and always planned on trying it out but never came around doing so. I've been missing out. The contour powder looks natural and the highlighter is gorgeous. Also love the blush in my set, it works great with the bronzer!

    Have you guys tried any of these three products? What's your opinion on them?
    Love you lots.

    Thursday, 1 January 2015

    My Most Popular Posts of 2014

    It's the first day of a new year and I decided to start it by looking back. Learning from the past and improving yourself has always been important for me so I want to bring it to my blog. Here are the blogposts of 2014 that were the most popular.

    #6 - The Christmas Tag
    On place six is the Christmas tag where I answered lots of questions about Christmas. This is a fun and easy to read post which I really enjoyed writing.

    #5 - Tenerife
     I'm not surprised that this made the list. Tenerife is absolutely gorgeous and I loved every second of being there. One of my first posts as well so it's something special ;)

    #4 - (joined) 2014 trending topics and White Christmas
     Both of these are posts were written really recently and I am proud of them. The 'White Christmas' one has a collection of photographs of the stunning German landscape covered in snow. On the complete opposite '2014 trending topics' has no photographs but instead gives you my view on some of the most discussed topics in 2014.

    #3 - Anti-bucket list
     I felt like everyone had written about things they really want to do in their life, so I decided to write about what I DON'T want to do. It was actually harder than I thought to think about things I never want to do but I ended up with quite a few I can honestly say are on my Anti-bucket list! If you're looking for a fun and different read, this is perfect.

    #2 - Ultimate gift guide - everything under £20 
    As we're nearing the top it gets christmasy. I searched the whole Internet to find these amazing gift ideas all under 20 pounds and seriously love all of them! It just shows that an amazing present doesn't always have to be expensive. These were meant for Christmas but aren't really Christmas themed so you could use them all year round.

    #1 - Last minute DIY gifts
    Funnily enough both my top posts are gift guides, which is quite interesting. However I'm not surprised as who isn't always looking for gift ideas? Anyway I am really proud of this post, all the presents turned out the way I wanted and the people that received them loved them. I still think a DIY gift is so much nicer as it is personal and shows you've put more than money into it.

    I wish you a Happy New Year 2015, may all you wishes and hopes come true. Let's make it the best one yet!

    We Heart It