Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Shop the biggest summer trends 2016 at an affordable price

While we all want to be trendy and look just as good as the celebrities who inspired the trends, shopping for clothing that is super in at the moment can get rather expensive. On the other hand, the bigger the trend, the more likely it gets that you will find a version of it to a more affordable price. I have picked 6 of my favourite summer trends 2016 and where to find them on a budget.

The slip dress
This 90's trend is making a comeback and it is bigger than ever. While it may take a lot of confidence to wear this silky trend outside the bedroom, when you do it is certain to look glamorous and sexy (as Selena Gomez demonstrates). There's plenty of stores online and on the highstreet that sell it to an affordable price.

This black one from Forever 21 is very similar to Selena's and super cheap. Find it here.
ASOS also stocks some super cute ones. Click here.

If you haven't seen people running around with all types of chokers, where have you been. The latest trend is the bigger chokers made out of fabric. They look cute with all kinds of outfits and again add that 90s touch. They can be found literally anywhere.

This one is a bit more intricate than the simple black ones which makes it super adorable. Found at Boohoo.
Also love this one from Missguided because of the Crescent Moon.

They hug your figure and just make every outfit look that much better. Throw on a bodysuit and a pair of denim shorts and you're good to go. There are some more expensive ones out there but you can easily find cheaper versions all over the place.

The graffiti detail on this bodysuit from New Look is on point. Buy here.
This lacy version from PrettyLittleThing is perfect for a night out!

Off the shoulder tops
Showing your shoulders is crucial this summer. Celebrities love this trend and you will find it represented in every store. Here are some of my favourite affordable tops.

Perfect for sunny summer days, this Bardot Top from Miss Selfridge.
I even found this super affordable one on Topshop. Shop here.

Lace-up Sandals
This trend is so cute, I can't get enough of it. Sandals are a summer essential but the Lace-up gives them a trendy and fun spin.

I love these Gladiator style ones from ASOS and they're so cheap too. Find them here.
Pompoms are the accessory this summer, so mixing them and lace-up sandals is a sure winner. Buy at Public Desire.

Denim dress
I can remember having one when I was really young, which makes me even more excited that denim dresses are making a comeback this summer. Denim is always in but the newest dress variation is sure to mix things up.

The pockets on this dress give it a unique and stylish touch, find this dress at Dorothy Perkins.
Or in a completely different style from Zalando. This shows how versatile the denim dress can be.

What is your favourite trend this summer? I'd love to hear from you in the comments.
Lots of love.

Saturday, 19 March 2016

The perfect birthday

We have all dreamt about it. The perfect birthday. That one day where everything goes to plan and fantasy becomes reality.
I don't think I have experienced mine yet but I am certain I will one day. My birthday is very close to Christmas which is an extremely unfortunate time to be born, but I can work around it ;). So what would my perfect birthday look like?

I am turning 21.
The morning begins with me being able to sleep as long as I want to. No one bursting into my room, no assignments, no worries. Once I have finally woken up, I get ready to meet my closest friends for brunch at some fancy sky restaurant with amazing views. Oh yeah, I would also have to be somewhere where it's warm around Christmas, like Australia. Okay so let's say a restaurant with view over Sydney. We are having brunch and just chatting. What would make it even more perfect is if the restaurant had hung up some balloons. So cute.

After that I would be meeting my family to spend the afternoon with them, open presents and just celebrate. We eat cake, drink champagne and laugh a ton. My family is like my lifeline, they're an extremely important part of my life hence a necessity for the perfect day.

After that I would take my bestie to a spa and we would just relax before getting ready for the big surprise birthday party for me (yep, I want a surprise party) with a local DJ, drinks, friends and lots of dancing. Ending the day in a fun and positive way to get myself ready for another year. Another year that's like a roller coaster ride, with lots of incredible ups but also some lows. However I also know that the people I spent this day with, would go through anything with me!

As you have probably noticed this would be a very expensive day where everything is a little over the top. Hence I also want to tel you about my other perfect birthday idea. A day, where I would focus on giving back to other people. Which, in the end, would probably make me just as happy or even happier than what I described above. Volunteering, getting to know different people from different cultures and sharing wonderful experiences with them is one of the most wonderful things on earth. It would make the day filled with so much love and gratitude and start the next part of my life off on a very unique note.

Thanks for sticking with me till the end, I know I started to go off on a tangent in some parts. Please remember that the whole post was just a bit of fun and my imagination. Let me know what your perfect birthday would be like! What would you do and who would be with you?
Love you lots!

P.S. many thanks to Paperless post for the idea

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Saturday, 30 January 2016

Pros and cons of cutting your hair short

I've already written a blogpost about how I cut my very long hair into a pixie this summer. Over the time I've learnt a lot of things about having short hair and even though I do really love it, there are also some downsides (as always in life). I thought I'd share them with you as it might help someone in the same position as I was.

  • it's so much lighter and feels a lot healthier
  • it's great in the summer heat
  • you feel strong
  • it takes like 5 minutes to wash and dry
  • curling it takes 10 seconds
  • having long hair for literally your whole life is boring
  • it turns into different hairstyles as it grows out (but this can also be a pain in the ***)
  • actually takes a lot longer to style than long hair as you can't just leave it as it is
  • people will compare you to every celebrity with short hair they know... I've had Shailene Woodley, Jennifer Lawrence and more
  • you will miss your long hair when you watch other girls flipping their mane
  • flannels make you look like a lesbian
  • getting it out of your face for e.g. sport is close to impossible
  • you look like your hair exploded in the morning

But in the end it really doesn't matter. Because you took that risk, you stepped outside your comfort zone, the hair will grow again and you are looking fierce.

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Saturday, 23 January 2016

21 things to do on cold and rainy days

We all know these cold and rainy days, where all you want to do is cuddle up inside. However this can get very boring very quickly - hence I have come up with 21 things to do when you're stuck inside:

1. Read a book
2. Bake
3. Harry Potter film marathon
4. Pamper yourself
5. Catch up on sleep
6. Go to the gym 
7. Tidy your room
8. Cinema
9. Cook something new
10. Write a blogpost
11. Bundle up and go for a walk
12. Try a DIY
13. Watch an entire F.R.I.E.N.D.S. season
14. Online shopping
15. Do a puzzle
16. Teach yourself a new skill (e.g. handstand)
17. Have a photo shoot
18. Call someone you haven't talked to in a long time
19. Paint a picture
20. Spend time with family
21. Make a list

 What do you do on those days? Let me know in the comments!

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Friday, 15 January 2016

How to accomplish your New Year's resolutions

We are now in the middle of January and most people will have already given up on their resolutions. If you're still sticking to yours or have already struggled, here are some tips on how to reach the goals you set yourself for 2016.

1. Be realistic
If you're resolution is to save the world, you are pretty unlikely to achieve that. In all seriousness, set small goals that can be achieved if you stick to a plan. For example if you want to get fit, get the 'My Trainer Dasi' app on you phone and complete your personalised exercises each day (not sponsored). I have been sticking with their exercise plan and already been seeing great results. Getting fit isn't something you can do overnight, it takes time and determination, as does basically every goal you set. 

2. Tell people about it
Telling other people such as your family and friends about your resolution will help you stick with it as you don't want to openly fail. They can also greatly support you and maybe even take part in accomplishing your resolution. 

3. Believe in yourself
If you start with the outlook that you'll fail anyways, you are more likely to do so. Have a positive attitude and remember that a setback is simply a setback and not a failure. Keep telling yourself that you can do it and you will start to believe in it. 

4. Track your progress
Actually being able to see the progress you've made will keep up your motivation and show you that your goal is achievable. 

5. Find like minded people
If your resolution is to get fit, join an exercise class. If you're resolution is to travel more, the Internet provides amazing opportunities to talk to people and exchange travel information. If you're resolution is to do more for other people, think about joining a charity. You get the point. 

6. Step out of your comfort zone
This is necessary to achieve your goal as it is likely that you want to accomplish something you are not 100% comfortable with doing. The gym can be a scary place and smiling more seems impossible when you're tired. However when you finally do it, you will feel a great sense of accomplishment and it will immediately lift your spirits. 

7. Listen to yourself
Your body is your temple. Treat it well and take care of it, even if that means taking a step back in reaching your goals. Reward yourself if you have accomplished something particularly difficult and make sure your resolution is actually doing something good for you. If it doesn't, you should strongly think about changing it or even giving up completely. Because in the end your main resolution should be to be happy.

Do you have any more tips on how to accomplish your New Year's resolutions? What are your resolutions?
Mine is to have the best year ever ;)

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Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Why 2016 is going to be MY year!

I haven't posted in too long. I've missed the train of posts about how to make 2016 your year. However that's how life goes. A new year might be a perfect time to start anew but it isn't your only opportunity to do so. You will have set goals for this year and you might realise halfway through that you are nowhere near reaching them. Would you give up and just wait for another year to start? Or would you just that day decide to change things?
This year is going to be my year because I will take my life in my hands and use every day to start anew. I will make mistakes and thing will go wrong but I will stay strong and use the new day to change my life. You don't need a new year to decide to get fit. You don't need a new year to finally book the holiday of your lifetime. All you need is the strength to do what you've always dreamt of.

In my case this means going to Australia for a year. Alone. It is not about finding myself or anything like that, it is simply about seeing the country I have dreamt about my whole life and proving MYSELF that I can do it. Yes, it is scary. Yes, not everything is going to go to plan. Yes, I will miss my family and friends like crazy. But I will also make memories that'll last a lifetime. I will challenge myself everyday. I will explore the outback and go surfing. I will live my life and not only watch it pass by.

2016 will be my year. Make it yours too!

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Thursday, 10 December 2015

10 reasons to love winter

1. Christmas
I had to put this one first because, well, its Christmas. Cheesy songs, delicious meals and nights in watching festive movies. It is the perfect time to relax and get together with the family. Yep, even those cousins you haven't seen for a decade. Spreading love becomes everyone's motto and even those grumpy neighbours grant you a smile - your life is complete! 

2. You can eat whatever you want
Take that extra piece of chocolate or third hot chocolate of the day - who cares? No one has a summer body in winter and it's beautiful. Whenever you feel a bit bloated you just throw on your massive jumper and it's impossible to tell. When your nan cooks there's no holding back anyways!

3. Cosy evenings in front of the fire
Sitting in front of a fire with a hot chocolate and a good song playing is one of the best things in life. Even if your fire is fake. The thought is what matters.

4. Christmas lights
Yes, this is a separate point from Christmas as the lights are a whole thing on their own. I mean, there's been tons of towns hosting 'light ups' around me and they were all spectacular. It's not every day that a giant tree gets lit up while people are singing holy night underneath. Even if it's not as romantic as I thought... 

5. Snow
Living in England, we don't get this a lot. And when we do the whole transport system breaks down for a week. However nothing beats the magic of the first snowflakes on a cold winter morning or frantically running around the garden while trying to build a snowman. 

6. Hot drinks
Whether you're into Starbucks' Gingerbread Latte or just a simple hot chocolate, winter is THE season for hot drinks. They can save your life when you're out shopping for gifts and it's freezing. And don't even get me started on the amazing sensation of having that first Peppermint Mocha of the season. 

7. Layers
Too cold? Just throw on another piece of clothing. You could technically wear all your fave pieces of clothing at once and it would be fine! (Also us girlies don't have to shave the legs) 

8. Candles
The candles in wintertime are always the best. I mean you can't beat a Yankee candle that smells like Christmas baking can you? Also candles are so much more effective when it's dark outside, which is pretty much most of the day in winter. 

9. the TV programme
The closer it gets to Christmas, the better the TV programme gets. Harry Potter basically runs on loop and the Grinch is finally making his comeback. Oh and Michael Buble is singing himself through several shows as well. 

10. New Years
New Year, new opportunities, new me. That's the plan. The feeling you get when you count down to a new year is indescribable and that alone makes winter amazing. Bring on the champagne and fireworks!

Tell me your favourite thing about winter in the comments! Have an amazing season 💕

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