Sunday, 21 September 2014

DIY necklace hanger

You need:
  • wooden/plastic clothes hanger
  • acrylic paint
  • paint brushes
  • some sort of string (mine looks as if it's made of hay)
  • scissors
  • hairspray
  • little things to decorate with e.g. fake flowers, jewels, ...

I sadly can't remember where I got most of the necklaces, some were presents, the ones on the far left and right were hand made in Africa, the third one from the right is from Primark, the fourth one from the left is from Republic and the third one from the left is from Accessories.

This is what my finished necklace hanger looks like. First I took the plastic clothes hanger and painted it turquoise and green with the acrylic paint. Then I let it dry completely (if possible over night).

 Afterwards I sealed the paint by spraying hairspray all over the hanger. While that was drying, I cut about ten 10cm long pieces of my string. When the hanger was all dried up, I knotted 1 piece of string around the clothes hanger and then repeated this with all the other string pieces. Finally I used some wooden butterflies and flowers which were on a piece of string to decorate the hanger by draping the string around it. And that's it :) It's really easy, super fun and you can easily organise lots of necklaces, especially the long ones which always get all tangled up.

I hope you guys enjoy this type of post, please don't be too harsh on me. I know I am rubbish at explaining what I did but I think if you look at the pictures it is pretty self-explanatory (at least I hope so). Love you guys loads!

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