Saturday, 27 June 2015

Weekend trip to Exmoor

Last weekend my family and I decided we needed a break from our daily routine, so we went on a little weekend excursion to the beautiful Exmoor (somewhere near Bristol I think... Geography isn't my strength). If you enjoy hiking, the seaside and lots of green around you, you'd love it there. I certainly did (at least for the 2 days we spent there). We stayed in a Bed and Breakfast just outside Exmoor and from there drove to do our hikes, sightseeing and shopping in the tiny little villages that had the sweetest shops ever. It gave me a chance to breath some fresh air and appreciate how stunning England's coasts really are. So as always, are you ready for a flood of photos? Cuz I am...

Starting with a horse... sounds random but there were lots of wild ones around in Exmoor

Now tell me they're not cute!

This horse literally kept staring at me whenever I tried going back into the car, it was kind of freaky.

In action shot haha

View at the beginning of a coastal walk.

I'm scared of heights so this was a bit uncomfortable but the view made up for it.

I had to hike up some mountain for an hour to get this shot (just so you appreciate the effort)

This castle was literally 5 minutes away from where we stayed and it had the greatest garden (see above)

Remind me to never put my feet in a river at England's coast again... I think my feet nearly froze

Aaaand even more hiking (I felt so sporty after the weekend...)

And last but not least, the view that is typical for Exmoor, isn't it beautiful?

I hope you enjoy these diary style posts, let me know in the comments! I'm sorry for not posting for absolutely ages, I just have my exams to my defence. However now there are lots of exciting and different posts up and coming so stay tuned :) Love you lots

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