Saturday, 25 April 2015

Oxford and DIY presents

Hey everyone!

Oh my gosh I am so sorry, it's been way to long! I've missed blogging so much. I just had a really hard time at college and in my personal life so that's why I could never get myself to sit down and do the things I actually enjoy. But I am back and I am really happy to share today's post with you. First of all I went to Oxford for my mum's birthday and let me tell you, this city is a 10/10. It's so gorgeous and everyone there just appears to be so smart ;) We tried finding some of the places where Harry Potter was filmed and I was literally standing there screaming 'I am touching ground that Emma Watson has touched'. It was very emotional haha. Anyways I definitely recommend visiting Oxford and looking into some of the colleges, because even the ones that looked boring from the outside always had some surprise beauty inside..

We went up the church tower and I am scared of heights and the stairs were like so tiny.... but it was worth it

HP much?


Oh nothing much, just a college...

Now I don't want to bore you with too many cheesy photos, but seriously this town is perfect!
Another thing that happened was the birthday of one of my closest friends and I wanted to DIY her a present because I always feel like it's so much more personal and it shows you actually put time and effort into the present. I knew she really liked the quote 'I'm not weird, I am limited edition', so I decided to make my own poster print and frame it. Super easy and perfect if you are on a budget!

All you need is some paper, water colours, brushes and a frame (mine is from tiger and was literally like 5pounds).

Start by making a word document and positioning the quote the way you want it to be. You can use whatever font you fancy and even add personalised elements e.g. smileys or hearts.

Now get out your creative side and let it loose. You can do whatever your heart desires, that's the great thing about art. I chose to sprinkle rainbow coloured drops all over the paper and line the edges with yellow to give it a happy vibe.

Let it dry, but it in a frame and voila - you have made your very own poster print. No one else will have this so your friend can feel extra special ;)

Thank you for reading and love you lotsss!!! Good luck to anyone who has exams coming up, we can get through this together <3

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