Monday, 6 July 2015

My beach day essentials!

Who doesn't enjoy a day at the beach? There are certain things that you shouldn't forget when planning your fun day out! Don't worry, you don't necessarily need a beach to have fun - go to the nearest lake/swimming hall, it's just as good as the beach.
I hope you enjoy this post, make sure to leave me your beach day essentials in the comments!


This is a must on the beach to protect your skin from harmful UV rays! It WONT stop you from getting a tan but will lower the risk of skin cancer. Don't forget to reapply every few hours aswell. I especially love the spray on sunscreens as they are supereasy and quick to apply and absorb really fast. You will find lots of them in your local drugstore or online (here).

A cute hat doesn't only protect your face from the sun, it also tames your hair - which as you might know is almost impossible on the beach. Oh also it makes you look super tumblr and stylish ;) I'm in love with this one from asos.

An essential for (hopefully) every single person out there. Be thoughtful of the people around you and use it - they'll be thankful believe me.

This one might be obvious as well, but never forget to pack your bikini. Believe me I've been there and it wasn't fun. At all. Also pack two, so you can change into a dry one in case it gets a bit chilly. I found this super cute one at Victoria's Secret.

Summer jams + a speaker
What is a day on the beach without music that makes you want to dance and jump around? Create an amazing summer playlist on e.g. spotify, bring your phone on the beach and blast that music! For larger groups I'd definitely recommend bringing a speaker, turn it into a beach dance partay! Some of my favourite summer songs are 'The Big Bang' by Rock Mafia ft. Miley Cyrus, 'Great Summer' by Vance Joy and Footloose by Kenny Loggins.

If you ask my friends, they will tell you about my unhealthy obsession with sunglasses. Sadly due to financial reasons I cannot buy every pair I fall in love with, although I certainly would... Anyways they're totally an essential for the beach and make you look 10x cooler than you already do. Quay sunglasses are goals, I will link one of my faves here.

A good book/magazine
If you're going with friends this might not be necessary, but if you go to the beach to have a bit of time out and relax, I definitely recommend taking a good book or magazine with you. I'm really enjoying Sarah J. Maas' books at the moment, let me know some book recommendations in the comments!

Water and snacks
Water! Water! Water! Do not forget this one, hydration is super important especially when it is as hot as it usually is when you go to the beach.. Put some ice cubes in it to keep it cooler for longer. Also bring some snacks such as apples, frozen grapes or protein bars to reenergise throughout the day.

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