Sunday, 26 July 2015

10 downsides of living in London

Quite a while back I wrote about the 15 things I love about London. It got a great response, so I figured it is about time to write about the 10 things that aren't so great about living in London (watch me and my ever changing numbers). Please don't get offended by this and don't take it too seriously. Sooo here they are:

1. Aircraft noise
If you live in London, especially not right in the centre, it is very likely that you are reasonably close to one of the airports. Which means you will have to deal with the noise that comes with it. I don't always get air planes flying over where I live, but when I do it can last till late in the night and be very disturbing. I can only imagine how bad it must be for people living really close to e.g. Heathrow.

2. The cost
EVERYTHING in London is expensive. This is something everyone who lives here just knows. Living, travelling, eating, going out - super pricey. You will have to make compromises, e.g. live further outside London or only go clubbing once a month. Sounds great right?

3. Always busy
London is never not super packed. Tourists, workers, shoppers, etc are always walking the streets. Shopping can become a nightmare, especially in the summer months where you will run into some tourists photo every two steps. Also you won't find a day where the Londoners aren't out shopping, like seriously, not one day!

4. Souvenir shops
They're around every corner and not only attract a ridiculous amount of tourists (obviously) but also mean you have sellers pouncing on you trying to sell you they're latest mini version of the London bridge.

5. No swimming
Swimming in London? Almost impossible. The Thames isn't an option unless you ancy getting seriously ill. There are a few swimming pools but reading the reviews will put you off going there forever. That said the serpentine in Hyde Park is supposed to be great, considering you enjoy sharing it with ducks and their excrement.

6. People judge you
People in London will judge you by what supermarket you go to or even your post code. Waitrose is considered overly posh and who even goes to Lidl? Your every action will have a deeper meaning, so make sure you are informed what your choices will say about you ;)

7. Very high crime rate
London probably has England's highest crime rate, which is not really surprising. My sister's bike has been stolen twice in a month and if you leave your phone in your pocket, it probably won't be there anymore at the end of the day. Extra care is to be taken when being out at night - it's best not to walk around alone!

8. Traffic
Driving a car through London can be a terrifying experience. People drive careless and selfishly, not to mention the motorbikes and bikes weaving their way through the (often stationary) car jungle. If you try to be responsible, you will realise very quickly that it won't be very successful and so everyone continues to aggressively master rush hour.

9. Difficult for immigrants
Not being born in London makes living there 20x more difficult. People expect you to speak fluent English, but learning a new language isn't that easy. Moreover the visa procedure is lengthy and exhausting. Finding a good job is almost impossible if you're language skills aren't perfect. I myself moved to London from a tiny village in Europe and it took me several months to get used to the people, traditions and language.

10. Despite all these points, you never want to leave
I love London to bits. No, it is certainly not perfect and has its drawbacks, but doesn't every city have that? Once you get used to living in this buzzing city, you quickly fall for it and many of my friends cannot imagine living anywhere else. Nowhere else you get such a wide variety of people, opportunities and problems - what else could you wish for?

I hope you enjoyed this post, let me know pros and cons of the city YOU live in! I always love to hear about different places and sharing experiences. Oh by the way, I'm writing this post while it's pouring down with rain in the middle of July - another lovely side of London ;) This post isn't meant to offend anyone or spread negativity, it is purely for entertaining reasons.
Have an amazing summer and please send some sunshine my way!

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  1. Great post! Like many others I have a love/hate relationship with London! I love living here but there are a lot of things that annoy me, but at the same time I couldn't imagine living anywhere else now. I hate how everyone always rushes around and is very stressed, sometimes I just want to tell people to take a chill pill x

    Georgina | Rent or Chanel?

    1. Haha same, the chill pill would really be helpful... I'm glad you understand what I mean! xx

  2. Really enjoyed reading this! I've never really wanted to live in London, I like visiting but the cost of it all and being surrounded by so many people puts me off. Still, like you said, every city has its pros and cons, London does have many opportunities that many cities don't. Great post, hope you're having a wonderful day!!

    -Nabeela x

    1. Awh thanks, I know what you mean. I can only really stand living in the outer parts of London where it isn't as busy. xx

  3. This is so helpful seeing as I'm applying for 3 unis in and around London! Love a bit of lidl 😴 x