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10 types of teachers at school/college

The idea to write this post came to me recently when I was sitting in college, having to endure a day of lectures from very different (always tiring tho) types of teachers. I will continue my interrail adventures as normal after this, but I have to get this out there and see if you guys have made the same experiences. This is purely for entertainment reasons, I do not mean to offend anyone! So here we go:

1) The overly smart teacher
This is the teacher that is incredibly smart themselves and hence doesn't understand when their students don't immediately pick up a theory/principle. This type only explains everything in a way that THEY would understand it, meaning almost no one else in the classroom does. Not everyone has an IQ of 160. I'm sorry!

2) The one that doesn't teach
Ever had a teacher that spends the lesson talking about everything but the stuff you're supposed to learn? You literally know everything about them, what they eat for dinner, their childhood story and why their mom prefers to shop at Asda. This teacher is actually really lovely and the lessons are fun, till exams come up and you realise you haven't learnt a thing. Not great.

3) The strict but effective one
This teacher may not be your favourite one as they're usually quite strict. However they are amazing at teaching and when it comes to exams you realise just how much they have managed to teach you. They tell you straight in your face when you are doing something wrong and sometimes get a bit too worked up on your mistakes, but in the end, whatever they're trying to do - it works.

4) The foreign one
This is usually a language teacher, mostly for French or Spanish. They're always nice, but often have a strong character and like to say what they're thinking loud and clear and with a strong accent. This doesn't apply to just students, fellow teachers can as easily encounter their temperament.

5) The one you can't stand
We all have/had that one teacher we just can't stand. Mostly this is a mutual feeling. You think they're a bad teacher and target you, they probably think you are rude and disrespectful. The best thing is to try and stay out of their way and ignore any bad comments.

6) The headteacher
The alpha of teachers. I have ALWAYS dreaded this person. They usually mean you will get in trouble for something. Your shoes aren't the right colour or your skirt is a centimetre too short. I've gotten in so much trouble with headteachers over the years for absolutely ridiculous things (mostly regarding dress code). Sometimes this has kept me from my studies which is so contra productive.

7) The one everyone loves
Every school has one teacher every student loves. They're nice, approachable and understand your situation. You can tell them everything and know they only want the best for you. I think this teacher is necessary to keep the school community together and save the student-teacher relationship.

8) The spitter
Talking without giving you an involuntary shower? Impossible. This teacher adds an extra gallon of water to every word and worksheets are usually slightly damp. Bring an umbrella!

9) The arty one
Usual habitat: the art department. They wear vintage clothes with paint speckles on them and organisation is not part of their vocabulary. If you are as arty minded as them, you will get on great and they will be your best friend. If not, they don't really know what to do with you and sometimes just chose to forget about your existence.

10) The gossiper
Last but not least: the teacher that always knows all the gossip. A large part of their lessons persists of them asking students for the newest gossip so they can share their opinion about it. This teacher knows everything that is going on in school and sometimes likes to start their own rumours. Ain't nothing better than a bit of drama, right?

I hope you liked this post. Do you have any other types of teachers I have left out?
This was by no means meant in an offensive way, I am really thankful to all the teachers I have ever had for getting me through the years. I am sure they put us students in categories as well. Wonder where I'd be ;)

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