Thursday, 5 November 2015

Interrail adventure #6 | ROME PART 2

I'M BACK! Omg guys New York was incredible. I have been so so lucky this year and been able to see some of the most amazing cities worldwide. One of them I will be talking about today: Rome. This is part 2 of Interrail adventure #6 (Part 1) and I hope you're as excited to read it as I am to write it.

So this was our last day in Rome. It had thunder stormed in the morning hence the air was super humid. If you've ever tried exploring a massive archaeological site in hot, humid weather you will understand the struggle we went through (just to explain why I look so beat up in the pictures). We decided to first visit the Roman Forum and then the Colosseum. A tip is to buy the tickets at one of the main entrances and then actually enter the site through one of the side entrances. This works as there are separate queues for tickets and entering, where the entering one is a lot smaller at the side entrances. Your ticket is valid for the Roman Forum and Colosseum but you don't have to do them immediately after one another.

Before we started exploring

I loved the Roman Forum but sadly didn't really enjoy walking around (does that even make sense?) because the heat was unbearable. I probably really annoyed my sis because I took a break literally every 50m. It's beautiful tho and you get an amazing insight into what life must have been like back then!

Spot the Colosseum.

Sorry this is a bit blurry because the humidity fogged up my lens :(

Forum Romanum

Me and my exhausted self.

The architecture is incredible
 We then went on a hunt for late lunch and ended up eating the biggest paper cone (400g) of Fries with BBQ sauce. Real healthy I know, but we were so desperate for food and the sandwiches were about 20 Euro each.
The line to the Colosseum was considerably long but we (unintentionally) skipped half of it hence got inside within 15 minutes. Record time trust me. Walking into the Colosseum is like walking into another era. The stories, history and inspirations connected to this place just make the experience special.

Inside the wonder of architecture.

That finishes up our exciting day exploring Rome's biggest attraction. We honestly expected queues to be much worse and ended up pleasantly surprised. I totally recommend going there and taking in the stunning site. Being knackered, our dinner was quick and easy.

 I really hope you enjoyed this post! Have u been to Rome before? What is your favourite thing to do there?
Lots of love!!!

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