Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Why 2016 is going to be MY year!

I haven't posted in too long. I've missed the train of posts about how to make 2016 your year. However that's how life goes. A new year might be a perfect time to start anew but it isn't your only opportunity to do so. You will have set goals for this year and you might realise halfway through that you are nowhere near reaching them. Would you give up and just wait for another year to start? Or would you just that day decide to change things?
This year is going to be my year because I will take my life in my hands and use every day to start anew. I will make mistakes and thing will go wrong but I will stay strong and use the new day to change my life. You don't need a new year to decide to get fit. You don't need a new year to finally book the holiday of your lifetime. All you need is the strength to do what you've always dreamt of.

In my case this means going to Australia for a year. Alone. It is not about finding myself or anything like that, it is simply about seeing the country I have dreamt about my whole life and proving MYSELF that I can do it. Yes, it is scary. Yes, not everything is going to go to plan. Yes, I will miss my family and friends like crazy. But I will also make memories that'll last a lifetime. I will challenge myself everyday. I will explore the outback and go surfing. I will live my life and not only watch it pass by.

2016 will be my year. Make it yours too!

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