Saturday, 30 January 2016

Pros and cons of cutting your hair short

I've already written a blogpost about how I cut my very long hair into a pixie this summer. Over the time I've learnt a lot of things about having short hair and even though I do really love it, there are also some downsides (as always in life). I thought I'd share them with you as it might help someone in the same position as I was.

  • it's so much lighter and feels a lot healthier
  • it's great in the summer heat
  • you feel strong
  • it takes like 5 minutes to wash and dry
  • curling it takes 10 seconds
  • having long hair for literally your whole life is boring
  • it turns into different hairstyles as it grows out (but this can also be a pain in the ***)
  • actually takes a lot longer to style than long hair as you can't just leave it as it is
  • people will compare you to every celebrity with short hair they know... I've had Shailene Woodley, Jennifer Lawrence and more
  • you will miss your long hair when you watch other girls flipping their mane
  • flannels make you look like a lesbian
  • getting it out of your face for e.g. sport is close to impossible
  • you look like your hair exploded in the morning

But in the end it really doesn't matter. Because you took that risk, you stepped outside your comfort zone, the hair will grow again and you are looking fierce.

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