Saturday, 19 March 2016

The perfect birthday

We have all dreamt about it. The perfect birthday. That one day where everything goes to plan and fantasy becomes reality.
I don't think I have experienced mine yet but I am certain I will one day. My birthday is very close to Christmas which is an extremely unfortunate time to be born, but I can work around it ;). So what would my perfect birthday look like?

I am turning 21.
The morning begins with me being able to sleep as long as I want to. No one bursting into my room, no assignments, no worries. Once I have finally woken up, I get ready to meet my closest friends for brunch at some fancy sky restaurant with amazing views. Oh yeah, I would also have to be somewhere where it's warm around Christmas, like Australia. Okay so let's say a restaurant with view over Sydney. We are having brunch and just chatting. What would make it even more perfect is if the restaurant had hung up some balloons. So cute.

After that I would be meeting my family to spend the afternoon with them, open presents and just celebrate. We eat cake, drink champagne and laugh a ton. My family is like my lifeline, they're an extremely important part of my life hence a necessity for the perfect day.

After that I would take my bestie to a spa and we would just relax before getting ready for the big surprise birthday party for me (yep, I want a surprise party) with a local DJ, drinks, friends and lots of dancing. Ending the day in a fun and positive way to get myself ready for another year. Another year that's like a roller coaster ride, with lots of incredible ups but also some lows. However I also know that the people I spent this day with, would go through anything with me!

As you have probably noticed this would be a very expensive day where everything is a little over the top. Hence I also want to tel you about my other perfect birthday idea. A day, where I would focus on giving back to other people. Which, in the end, would probably make me just as happy or even happier than what I described above. Volunteering, getting to know different people from different cultures and sharing wonderful experiences with them is one of the most wonderful things on earth. It would make the day filled with so much love and gratitude and start the next part of my life off on a very unique note.

Thanks for sticking with me till the end, I know I started to go off on a tangent in some parts. Please remember that the whole post was just a bit of fun and my imagination. Let me know what your perfect birthday would be like! What would you do and who would be with you?
Love you lots!

P.S. many thanks to Paperless post for the idea

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