Saturday, 26 July 2014

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Easy and unique

Hey everyone :)
Its summer and since no one likes wearing loads of makeup (at least I don't) on a 27 degrees summer day, I thought I'd show you guys how to do a quick eye makeup that has a little unique touch. I am in no means a makeup professional and i can't afford the most expensive products so please be lenient towards me. Here we go:

This is my eye without any makeup. As you can see my lashes are reallllly light so mascara is like my life saver.

I started off with a small fluffy brush which I got a long time ago and therefore can't remember where I got it. I used this to apply a light champagne colour to even out the colour of my eyelids.
Max Factor - Creme Champagne 2

I then used the same brush to apply a light brown eyeshadow on my whole lid, followed up by a darker brown in the crease.
Manhattan Magic Duo - Pecan Brownie

To define my crease even more I used an even darker brown on a small brush and blended it out with the fluffy brush. The browns are not the focus of the eye makeup, they are used to give the eye more dimension, so don't apply it too heavily.
Art Deco - 520

Afterwards I used a white, shimmering eye pencil to line my upper lash line.
Collection Eyeshadow Pencil - Vanilla Sky 1

I followed up with a black eyeliner and tight lined my upper lashes too add volume. I also feel like liquid liner looks better if you tight line your lashes first.
Models own Eye liner pencil - black

I then added a very thin line on my upper lashes with a liquid liner.
Maybelline master precise liquid eyeliner - black

Finally I put on several coats of my favourite mascara. If you need to, this is the point where you curl your lashes but I feel like mine don't need that. I might
  be wrong about that but I've tried it a few times and have never seen a difference. I also added a highlighting colour in my inner eye corner.

No7 Exquisite Curl Mascara - black
P2 What a girl wants - 040 charming

 I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and find it helpful. If you did, you are very welcomed to leave a reply. Have a nice day.

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