Sunday, 21 December 2014

Last minute DIY gifts

Only a few days left for Christmas shopping and everyone is stressing out. But instead of struggling with the other million of last minute shoppers, how about you try and make something yourself. DIY gifts are getting more and more popular and I've collected three gift ideas that people would actually want to get (I've tested them all).
Soo get out the artist inside you and let's get started:


 Supereasy to make and they look really cute. Personalise them by using the first letter of the person's name your giving it to. They are also really fun to make, as you will see I've gone a bit crazy and made quite a lot.
All you'll need are wooden letters (you can find them in every art shop and sometimes even drug stores), acrylic paint and things to decorate with, e.g. glitter, gems,...

Here are some examples of how I decorated the letters:

Here I went on pinterest to search for cute patterns and found this adorable macaroons one. Since I knew my friend loves them it was just perfect. This is another way to make it even more personal!

 I actually really like how it turned out, I just used acrylic paint. Make sure the different layers are dry before you paint over it.

 Everyone loves some hearts - show them your love <3

 This is my favourite one, I found this adorable pattern on pinterest and it turned out so cute! Feel free to copy my ideas and send me pictures of it on Twitter.

A glittery one - glam it up a bit!

Final one with some gems. As I said just go crazy with it, you'll see it's so much fun.


Those are perfect for literally everyone. Edible presents are my favourite, because who doesn't love yummy food?
All you need to do is make some Christmas cookies, I used a random recipe for these but I have a blog post on how to bake traditional German Christmas cookies. Afterwards you just put them in clear, small gift bags and decorate them with ribbon and a small Christmas card which you can find literally everywhere! And voila, you have a pile of amazing gifts.


Disclaimer: this is my sister's Christmas gift, so hey if you're reading this, please stop right now!!

LOTR fans you might recognise what this is. However you don't need to make it 'Lord of the Rings' themed. I chose this idea because I know my sister loves the film but you can do whatever the person you're giving it to loves! All you need is acrylic paint or sharpies and a plastic travel mug (mine's from poundland).
I started of with painting the mug white as a base and printing out a silhouette of the fellowship of the rings. I then cut it out and glued it on with PVA glue. To make it look painted on I went over the silhouette with black sharpie. I also added the quote 'not all those who wander are lost' above it with sharpie (make sure it is a waterproof one). To seal it all in I used a Plasti-kote spray (find it here) but you could also use hairspray. Make sure you wash the inside out with boiling water before you wrap it!
You seriously can paint this any way you want, if you're stuck for ideas just google cute mugs and it'll give you plenty of options.

 Add some sweets and maybe a nail polish in the cup to make it an even better gift!

Now just wrap it all up and you're done. Easy DIY gift ideas that you can even make the day before Christmas.
I hope you liked this post, please send me pictures if you recreate anything!
I love you all lots, have the best Christmas EVER <3

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  1. These are such great ideas. I love the travel mug!