Thursday, 18 December 2014

Ultimate Gift Guide - everything under £20

 Who else is stressing out because they don't have all their Christmas presents yet? I know I definitely am. I also know just how expensive Christmas time can be, but an amazing present doesn't always have to cost a lot.
Therefore I have compiled a list of present ideas that are super inexpensive! Let's get started:

This, ladies and gents, is a mirror. Perfect for all the cookie lovers out there because lets be serious - who doesn't need a little pocket mirror that's cookie shaped? Find it here.

I couldn't NOT include this. This is so fascinating, basically it is white until you step on it and then it turns red wherever you touched it. A fun bath mat that is perfect for scaring your guests. I would love to get this as a present ;) Find it here.

Don't worry Disney addicts, I've got you sorted. Buy this super cute 7 dwarfs necklace here.

Any blogger would love this. A camera travel mug!!!! Probably my most expensive gift on this list with £15.99 , but it would be so worth it! Imagine all the confused looks you'd get on the street. Just don't get it mixed up with the actual camera ;) Find it here.

HARRY POTTER FANS WATCH OUT! This is a bow with marauder's map print <3 Who wouldn't adore this? Find it here.

This star nightlight just screams cuteness! It's a great gift for that person you don't know too well. It even changes colours :D. Find it here.

Chalkboard mugs are (in my opinion) the best invention ever. Who doesn't love tea and doodling. Write a cute message on it and it makes the perfect little Christmas gift! Find it here.

Bracelets have been the go-to gift idea for generations and it will stay that way! Find this adorable owl one here.

Um... can we just appreciate this for a minute. How cute is this? An owl bag in the satchel style. And it's so inexpensive. You have no reason to not buy this for your friend. Find it here.

These Alice in Wonderland inspired studs are perfect for Secret Santa (if you have a girl) or just a little present on the side. Find them here.

We all have that one arty friend who I am sure would love this wooden fridge magnet. It's truly banterous ;) Find it here.

And finally this heart wall poster. Perfect for anyone who loves decorating their room and making everything look pinterest worthy! Find it here.

I really hope you found this helpful, I personally love all the things listed.
Comment down below which one is your favourite and if you will get any of these things as a present.

Hope you'll have the best Christmas ever and get all your present shopping done in time.
Lots of love <3

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  1. These are so quirky and cute I love all of them!!! That mat is amazing and the price isnt bad either! Great money saving gifts love them all :) Haha I may have to get some of these for myself...ok thats selfish lol but I seriously love all of them, I know some people who love these gifts!

    Jasmine :)

    1. I'm glad you like them! (haha I know I nearly got them for myself aswell) <3 have a great Christmas!