Friday, 13 March 2015

5 ways to de-stress

I am a pro in stressing about everything. As a perfectionist I always need to give 300% - but to what price? The stress completely takes over my life, my skin gets worse, I cry at every little thing and I don't have time for my friends anymore. But is it really worth it? Whatever you are worried about right now - is it really worth all that stress? A perfect example is way back when I did my GCSE's. I thought they were the most important thing in the world and let them take over my life. Turns out, they aren't the most important thing in life. I am not saying that you shouldn't revise for them or stress a little bit, but don't let it break you! I really regret stressing the amount I did instead of enjoying life a bit more.

Right now I am stressing again, college exams are coming closer and I know a lot of people are in the same position. So I thought of 5 things that could help people like me return to a normal human being instead of a walking time bomb.

1) Get outside
This seriously works wonders. Especially if you are revising for exams, being locked in a room for the whole day can completely poison your mind and you start to loose connection to reality. It is important to get outside and realise that life goes on and doesn't only circle around your exams. Just a ten minute walk or jog in a green space can help you reflect and get some fresh energy. It also distracts you from the continuous circle of stress that has taken over your life and gives you that well needed break. Seriously, stepping into fresh air makes life seem so much better than in your sticky room!

2) Put on some music
When I revise, there needs to be complete silence. The disadvantage: the silence gives me more space in my head for stress. So when you start to hyperventilate because you feel like it is all just getting too much, put on some kitschy oldie and turn up the volume! There are several studies proving the positive effects of music, so prevent a burn out and play that Taylor Swift song (no shame - you all secretly sing her songs).

3) Keep up a hobby
Yes, you desperately need all the time you have to revise or finish your work. However you should also have some fun every now and then. I'm sure you all have something you really enjoy, so don't neglect it in a stressful phase. That is when you need it most. Don't have a hobby? Try something new! I recommend dance immensely as it really helps you to let out all your emotions, but really anything that helps you relax and takes your mind off whatever stresses you is great. Again studies show that exercise helps boost endorphins so just go for it. Maybe you are secretly amazing at toe wrestling ;) (it exists, look it up!).

4) Eat good food
We all tend to crave unhealthy foods when we feel stressed, chocolate, crisps, cookies - I'll have it all. But instead of indulging in snacks that only make you feel worse, try some mood-boosting foods. They don't exist? Wrong. Bananas, DARK chocolate, fish, coconut and last but by no means least tea (green does wonders!) all help lift your spirits and don't weigh you down. The last thing you need when your mind is feeling heavy is a bloated stomach.

5) Watch a really sad movie
Sounds weird? It is. But believe me with this one - it works. All the piled up emotions add to your stress. Not letting them out can be very harmful so what better way than crying your heart out at the sad heartbreak story of a strong independent woman is there? Even for the guys out there, I know you all cried at 'Remember me'. Honestly, it is even scientifically proven that seeing other people's problems and thinking of positive ways out of them (which we automatically do while watching a movie) can be beneficial when dealing with our own problems. Sounds logical, right?

There's lots more tips and I might need to write another post like this when exams are knocking on the door. All of these things honestly help me, so I hope they do the same for you! Don't forget who you are and that whatever stresses you out won't be the end of the world. In the end, all that matters is that you don't forget about yourself and treat yourself with respect. You only get this life, don't spend it ruining yourself!

Good luck and tons of love!

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  1. I love posts like this, especially since starting College... pretty sure I'd go insane at some stage if I didn't de-stress haha x

    1. same here, haha we can get through this! ;) x

  2. These are such great tips. I think that every one needs these tips given to them at one point in their life or another.

    Shannon / Sixth Skyline x