Sunday, 22 March 2015

Carry-on travel essentials

Holidays are finally coming up (at least for me - I know Americans just had spring break) and I am flying to France to ski. I'm super excited!! My biggest problem is always packing, I do it last minute and end up forgetting something. Therefore, this time I have started extra early :D Which gave me the idea to share my carry-on travel essentials with you guys. I always find it really helpful to see what other people keep in their carry-ons as I usually leave something out. Here we go:

1. Backpack
This one is obvious - you need something to put all your stuff in. I love small backpacks as they have lots of space but are still comfortable to carry. My black one is from Accessories and I adore it!

2. Wallet, Passport, tickets, etc
These are all the things you WILL NEED to get on your plane. Your wallet contains all your papers and money (!!) and without your passport and flight ticket there is no point in even going to the airport.

3. Phone
Obvious again, I mean, who leaves the house without their phone anyway?! It's a travel essential as you can listen to music and maybe, if the plane has it, connect to wifi.

4. Headphones
Music without headphones is pointless on a plane because if not everyone on that plane has the same taste in music as you, playing it out loud is not an option. So - DO NOT forget headphones!!! You will kick yourself if you do. My ones (from AKG) are perfect, they have an amazing sound quality but no one else will hear anything!

4. Laptop
I always bring my laptop on holiday because of blogging and work and don't like putting it in my suitcase. I feel like it is safer to keep it in in my carry on. In addition if you bring some films, you can watch them during long flights!

6. Gum
As a gum addict, I always have some in every bag, but they are definitely helpful to have on a plane. After a few hours in such a tiny space with the (often disgusting) airplane food you can start to feel a bit gross. Having 'fresh' breath makes you feel better immediately!

7. Deodorant
To carry on from starting to feel a bit unhygienic, having deodorant is a life saver! Prevent the extreme awkwardness of smelling horrible when you are only a few inches away from a complete stranger and put on your deodorant. Trust me, it won't be embarrassing as everyone will be thankful for it.

8. Face wipes and tissue
If you go on a plane wearing makeup, you WILL want to take it off at some point. That's when you need face wipes. Or if you got your hands dirty while eating and the airplane toilets are busy... Tissues can also help in that scenario. Moreover don't underestimate how cold it gets on that plane and coldness = runny nose.

9. Hair ties and bobby pins
Nothing more annoying than having long hair in your face for several hours. I always find it so nice to just be able to throw it up in a messy bun, so hair ties are definitely an essential. You might also need them when you get off the plane and need to make your nest of hair look acceptable.

10. Basic Makeup 
Again, if you get off the plane and need to look acceptable or just want to cover up that horrific pimple you got while on the plane (EVERY TIME) , you will need makeup. I usually just pack the basics in my carry on such as Concealer (Collection), Eyeliner (No7), Eyebrow pencil (Essence), Mascara (Benefit) and Lip balm.

11. Moisturiser
Air planes ruin my skin! It gets dry and I break out horribly. That's why I usually avoid wearing any makeup on a flight and always bring a good moisturiser (this one is from Avene and it's water based). It helps reducing the damage done to my skin...

12. Toothbrush and toothpaste
Believe me, you want to bring this, especially on a long flight. Clean teeth can make a world of a difference and gum doesn't always do the trick.

13. An empty water bottle
This might seem pointless, but it will have to be empty in order to get through security. Afterwards there are often drinking water fountains or if not tap water will work - but you will need something to drink. You can also buy it at the airport but it tends to be quite expensive. Oh and when you are on holiday, having a fill up water bottle can be super helpful!

Honorary mentions:

Books and magazines
If you are the kind of person that can't ever sleep on an airplane, you might need these. Since there is not much you can really do for several hours, it is the perfect time to finally read that book you've been wanting to read for months. Some of my favourites are Divergent, This Charming Man and Maze Runner.

These can be worn everywhere at all times. Especially if you are going to a sunny place ;) Also super handy when you get off the plane and look like a zombie.

Airplane food is almost always horrible, so I always pack lots of snacks. They also help pass the time (but of course we shouldn't do that...). Just make sure whatever you pack will get through security.

Fuzzy socks
As I said, planes get really cold so having fuzzy socks is heaven. Also they always make me feel way more comfortable...

If you are into taking proper pictures, you will want to take your camera. I like to keep mine in my carry-on as I'm scared that it might get broken in my suitcase.

Notebook and Pen
Some people love writing stuff down or doodling, so if that's you, don't forget a notebook and pen. It will stop you from getting immensely bored!

Have an amazing time if you are going on holiday! Tweet me your travel essentials, I'd love to see what you guys need when flying. Love you lots!

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