Thursday, 7 August 2014

A break

Summer is the only time where I get a real break. A break from the stressful daily tasks we all have to cope with. It's the quiet before the storm, I am sure to encounter in september. However I am that type of person that never can truly rest. I always need something to do. In some ways this is is a blessing, although it can be quite frustrating when I know I just have a few more weeks to do absolutely nothing and still I am not capable of doing so. 
To keep myself busy I always love being creative. I love writing - hence me starting this blog. However it is only one way in which I am creative. Another way is painting, drawing or sewing - all of which are activities I greatly enjoy. 
I wanna share some of the results of my creativ outburst in the last couple of days.

I have a really embarrasing obsession with quotes that I am always convinced are related to my life...

One of my favourite things to do is finding a glass bottle and painting it with acrylics. I then use it as e.g. a vase. I just think it's such a fun way to recycle glass bottles and it just looks supercute with some flowers in it. It does require a bit of time though, as the different colour layers have to dry in between.

My glass bottle (It's my dad's, I don't drink)

I painted the bottle white to make the other colours pop, then I painted the label black

I used a light blue acrylic paint to cover the bottle (had to remove the black becuase it smudged)

I decided to paint some flowers and leaves on my bottle using acrylics - You can use any pattern of your choice. I also repainted the label black.

When it had all dried up, I used white chalk to add (another) quote to the label for a unique touch. This time I decided to write 'The earth without art is just EH'

annnnnd some flowers - these ones are fake... I believe fake flowers are so much easier to handle and they don't wilt.

I made another bottle like this with an african pattern. This time I used one of those rare coke glass bottles and didn't paint over the label.

Love you guys. Sending hugs out to everyone who reads this :)

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