Friday, 28 November 2014

Anti-bucket list

 I saw this idea on and immediately loved it!  Its so different to what I usually do and I think it sounds really fun. It's not meant to spread negativity or offend anyone so please don't take it seriously :)

So here are 15 things I hope I'll never have to do:

1) Take part in 'I'm a celebrity get me out of here' (love watching it tho)

2) Have a divorce.

3) Come across a snake in wilderness

4) Stay a night in a haunted house! I get scared so easily.

5) Have plastic surgery.

6) Pretend I am someone I'm not!

7) Watch my life pass by while sitting in an office.

8) Be forced into doing anything I don't want to e.g. drugs.

9) Be friends with someone who is racist, homophobic or similar.

10) Watch my mum cry because of me!

11) Eat squid. Or an animal's brain.

12) Do the smoothie challenge.

13) Witness a war.

14) Having to deal with Internet hate.

15) Stop doing what I love!

What is on your guys' anti-bucket list? And what is something that you really want to accomplish in your life?
I love reading all your comments, they make me super happy!
Love you lots ♥

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