Thursday, 6 November 2014

My fall essentials

At first I want to apologise for my long blogging absence. I've been in hospital recently and had problems getting all the pictures I wanted. I have missed blogging a lot.
Anyway, fall has finally hit England, its getting colder and whereas many people are moaning about it, I am loving it. FINALLY it is acceptable to cuddle up in bed with a good book and a hot drink. And that's exactly what this blog post is about: the things I (and hopefully you too) love in fall.
Enjoy :)


My love for sweaters is something I could talk about for ever. They are so easy to style, just put on a pair of leggings/disco pants/skinny jeans and throw on an over sized sweater. Moreover they keep you nice and cosy in fall. Just perfect..
Here are six of my favourite samples. The one in the top left corner is vintage, I drew the smiley face on it and added the collar. The top middle one is from New Look and a staple in my wardrobe (I sometimes wear it with my whatever beanie which you'll see below :D). The red sweater is from boohoo and I love it endlessly due to its effortless and stylish look. Now, everyone needs at least one Christmas sweater in their wardrobe, mine is from Glimpse design and it is soooo comfy. Next is my super over sized grey sweater from FB sister (no idea where I got that) which says Keep Calm on the sleeves and is perfect for layering or adding lots of jewelry. Last is the bottom right sweater with the studded crosses, which was a massive trend a few years ago but I still love it (New Look).


I think this one is obvious. Perfect for those bad-hair days or when your ears are freezing. At the same time they look super cute  and I think they just add a nice touch to every outfit. Here are three of my beanies. The green one is from Topshop and I got it for St Nicholas day last year and I don't think I've ever loved an accessory this much. It's just perfection. 
Topshop                             River Island                                                     Aldo


Yes, I know Halloween is over. To be honest I wanted to post these photos earlier but just never managed to do it. However I make pumpkin soup all throughout fall and also leave my carved pumpkins out as long as possible. For me they are just a fall staple, so I thought I'd include them. I forget every year how disgusting the actual carving part is, because the shaping of the pumpkin face is just so much fun. It's an awesome activity to do with family or friends!

Comment which one you think is mine!

Hot chocolate/tea and biscuits

As I mentioned earlier, I looove me a cup of tea! Add some nice biscuits and finished is your instant fall feel. There's just nothing better than sitting all cuddled up with a hot drink inside while it is raining or freezing cold outside. 
Look at my fancy effects.... ;)

A good book

This is so important in fall! You spend a lot more time inside, warming up (with your tea) and you can't just always watch a film or be online. Sometimes you need a break from all that stuff and read a good old hardback book! I'm on the hunt for one at the moment, so if you have one that you love please tell me. I recently saw the maze runner so I think I'll definitely try and get my hands on that book. And if you say you don't like reading, then just try I haven't tried it out myself yet but everyone is raving about it and it seems to be perfect for those people who don't like reading themselves.


My staple shoe in fall. Fits with everything, keeps your feet dry and looks stylish. If you don't have a pair, I strongly suggest you get one in a neutral colour as soon as possible.

Fuzzy socks

Please tell me you understand what I'm on about! Fuzzy socks are heaven on earth when it gets cold. They keep your feet super snug and are just addictive. 


Candles just make everything look more like fall. They turn your room into a cosy haven for the cold fall time. I love candles, especially scented ones, all year round but in fall they just seem to get even better. The scents that are on the market at the moment smell soooo incredible good (e.g. Christmas treats by Yankee Candle) and put you in a Christmasy mood. Every year, every beauty blogger goes on about candles and I wish I could say I'm any different, but they are just too good. I love putting my candles (here a vanilla cinnamon scented one) in cute glasses like this one from Vienna, so they double as a room decoration.

Woo you've made it till the end. I hope you enjoyed this post, please tell me what I  should write about next. I hope you're having an amazing fall! Sending hugs out to you!