Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Valentine's day outfit inspiration

Let me begin this post by saying that Valentine's day is not only for couples. It is a day to show the love you have for someone, whether this is your mother, best friend or partner. That's what I think anyways.
I am actually quite excited for Valentine's day, it gives my friends and me a reason to do something exciting that we maybe wouldn't do every day. Don't get upset if you are single on Valentine's day, it's just not worth it! Join the club and make the day amazing.

So to get to my actual post, I wanted to have at least one Valentine's day inspired one and what other could it be than... FASHION! Haha not food, sorry. Let's get into it:


This is the outfit you can wear for whatever you do. It is stylish enough for a romantic date night but also great if you want to go on an adventure with your friends ;) It is one of my go-to outfits which makes me feel comfortable but stylish. Perfect for Valentine's day!
Top - Forever 21
Leggings - Zara
Leather Jacket - TK Maxx
Shoes - New Look


This is for when you are going out on a date or a dinner and want to look cute. This dress is extremely flattering, it hugs your upper body and then flares out from you waist downwards. I think it would look gorgeous with some nice sheer black tights and black heels (or the boots from my previous outfit). The necklace helps to elongate your body and adds a nice break to the pattern of the dress.
Dress - Forever 21
Necklace - Boots (if I remember right)


Best thing to do on Valentine's day is still a sleepover. Grab your friends/partner and cuddle up on a bed in PJ's with a cheesy Romance on. Oh and don't forget your favourite treats! So relaxing and the fact that it's Valentine's day makes (in my opinion) the films so much better. After all, love is in the air ;)
Pyjamas - Primark
Socks - some corner shop (similar here)

Have the best Valentine's day ever, do something you love with someone you love!
Sending out hugs to all of you!

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