Thursday, 12 February 2015

Types of people in a fitness class

I take part in an aerobics/dance fitness class every Monday night and it made me realise that there are different types of people that go there. I am basing this on my experience, I don't know if it is like that in every fitness class, but I have seen these types at several sport centres now.

The pro
This is the person that radiates fitness. They can do every move perfectly and make everything look super-easy. Standing next to them makes you feel like a cat next to a leopard.

The hottie
There is always someone who looks fricking amazing no matter how hard the exercise is. Like, 100 crunches and I am sweating on the floor and they look as if they have just sprung out of a magazine cover. Makes my self-confidence go through the roof....

The bunny
This one makes my day every time. I know you shouldn't judge people when they are trying hard, but it is just too adorable. This person adds a little jump to every exercise, e.g. when you have to do standing hamstring curls, they don't stand, they hop. Seriously, it looks like a rabbit doing exercise. I reckon tho that they burn twice the amount of calories that us 'normal' people do.

The aggro
Ever stood next to someone who appears to have a lot of anger to let out? And that while doing aerobic exercises? No? Well it is scary. This person takes the exercises way too serious! If the instructor tells you to WALK to the left, they will sprint. And if you are in the way, that's your problem not theirs.

The millionaire
Some people need to show EVERYWHERE that they have too much money. It is so obvious at the gym. The newest sport shoes, ten Victoria's secret bras, high tech trousers and even the water is special fitness water. Before you ask, yes I am jealous. Who wouldn't be?

The one that thinks they look amazing
This person thinks that they do all the exercises perfectly and look so much better than you do. But when it comes to getting their buttocks down for a squat, they just stand there, moving their behind slightly backwards. Well done *claps*

The one that's given up
We've all been this person before. Some days just aren't meant for a workout and when everyone around you is jumping their heart out, you just can't bring up the strength to do it. However some people just never seem up for a workout which makes me question why they spent their money on a fitness class...

Haha I hope I haven't offended anyone with this, I am certainly not saying that I am flawless when doing a fitness class. I'm pretty certain that I look completely ridiculous, maybe I need to film it sometime ;) Comment telling me if I have left any types out!
Love you lots <3

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  1. Hahaha I love this post! I used to do a lot of aerobics and zumba classes and have definitely seen every single person you described! The bunnies are definitely my favourite type of person though, I feel like they radiate energy and help keep me going haha!

    Emma Alyson x

  2. You couldn't be more right with this post! I'm a receptionist at a gym and this is exactly what I see every single class x

  3. Hey guys! I love your blog too much. I am waiting for more cool postings to read! Cheers…