Thursday, 5 February 2015

50 shades of sparkle

Excuse the title, it just seemed to good of an opportunity not to.
The winter months can be really dull, it is cold and rainy outside and most people spend their days ill in bed. This combined can lower your mood and motivation a lot. I believe that the little things in life make the biggest changes, so little pieces of happiness are the best to fight the winter blues. One of these pieces could be your nails or am I the only one who gets happy when they're nails look good?
So my advice is: Grab a sparkly nail polish, put it on your nails and oppose all the dullness! I promise looking at your nails will bring a smile to your face.

Here are a few of my favourite sparkly/glittery nail polishes:

In my opinion, Topshop nail polishes are great. I don't really believe in their other beauty products but these really stay on your nail for a long time and are the most gorgeous colours. The one on the left is 'Plume', a dark purple with a beautiful shine to it. When you hold it into light the colour separates into thousands of different variations and it looks so beautiful. The polish in the middle is called 'adrenaline'. When applied it makes your nail super glittery with a settle hint of pink. The one next to it , '3D', is very similar apart from the fact that it has a turquoise shine to it, which is so beautiful and not over the top like most glitter nail polishes.

When I got these they were in a set of three. I love all of them but the two shown are the sparkly ones. Both of them give off a beautiful lilac/purple glitter effect which looks gorgeous on top of a light purple nail polish. They are not very expensive (Primark) but they are definitely worth their money ;)

I have a bit of an obsession with essence products, good price for good quality. And their nail polishes work really well! I have had the one above, 'Choose me' which is a sparkly turquoise (the photo makes it look blue), for ages now and it still works great. You don't need a colour underneath it and it has a glittery finish. So beautiful.

This one is very similar to the Essence one, it is a bit more on the green side and has only a very settle shimmer to it. It is awesome for those of you that don't like having disco ball nails and want to keep the sparkle to a minimum. Stays on quite well, but I would recommend using a good top coat (e.g. this one) .

I hope you found this inspirational or helpful. As you might have noticed, all the polishes listed are not expensive at all, as I find that nail polishes are sometimes just so overpriced and not everyone (me included) can afford it.
I love  you lots, please let me know your favourite glitter polish in the comments! (Or a top coat you swear by.)

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  1. have to agree, the Topshop nail polishes are pretty amazing. I've never tried the primark ones before. x

  2. I adore Topshop nail polish! Cheap but still so incredibly pretty and I love the packaging! Will have to give the sparkly ones a go next. x

  3. i adore topshop nail polishes!

    from helen at