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Places I want to visit - A to Z list (second part)

M for Madagascar
Who remembers the same named movies? Me! I've watched all the Madagascar movies at least 3 times and I need to see the country they were named after (at least that's how I interpret the movie title). Also the wildlife there is supposed to be amazing.

N for New Zealand
Another country I relate to a movie, New Zealand is the home of the Lord of the rings trilogy (and the hobbit). The films feature many landscape shots that reveal the extreme beauty of this country. Also I really want to visit the Hobbit village and see the magic with my own eyes.
Photo credit to the person that has always inspired me and made me fall in love with New Zealand - Fun for Louis  

O for Oklahoma USA
Not really a country, but a state. And (oops) again film related - there are tons of films out there featuring Oklahoma as the background of the action. Also Brad Pitt was (apparently) born there. Probably quite shallow reasons to want to visit a place, but they're good enough for me...

P for Philippines
The magnificent beaches and islands, as well as the beautiful flora and fauna makes the Philippines a place you can't miss.  Like seriously, if you want to make your partner love you even more, just fly them out to the Philippines (this is intended as a joke and not meant to offend anyone). I really need to find the money and time to go there!

Q for Quebec
Quebec is a province in east-central Canada. One of the reasons I want to visit it is the gorgeous Ch√Ęteau Frontenac that is a wonder of architecture. On their official website they out a picture of the castle in the winter and it looks so stunning. If I went there, I would definitely do so in winter anyway, because I think that's when the landscape looks its absolute best!

R for Russia
I have several Russian friends but haven't seen their country yet. I love Russian people, they are so different and aren't afraid to speak their mind. Russia is so different to everything I know, which is why I am so attracted to the country. Also - the food. SO. GOOD.

S for South Africa
Having been there once before, I can only rave about it. So so so beautiful. When I went there, I did lots of Safaris and tried to see as much of the wildlife as possible. One day I will go there again and try get to know the local culture and traditions a bit better. Spending less time in the touristic Safari parks will give me a completely new view of South Africa which I can't wait to explore.
I loved South Africa that much that I even based a whole part of my GCSE Artwork on it a few years ago.

T for Turkey
Again I have already been here but (sadly) only in one of the tourist resorts - meaning I spent one week in one of the all-inclusive hotels... It's not hard to guess that I didn't see a lot of the actual country during that week, so Turkey is definitely on the list of places I want to visit - in fact with only a backpack as company.

U for United Kingdom
Yes I know I live here. Still, if you'd ask me about my favourite places to visit,  UK would definitely be one of them. I love it here, especially London or the seaside, e.g. Brighton. England has this special charm to it that makes me want to stay here even though the weather is horrific (#cliche) ;). Anyways, if you have never been to the UK, you are missing out big time!
I even made a list of 15 things I love about London...

V for Vatican city
Umm excuse me, this is a STATE. It's tiny! And ruled by the Pope. Sounds kinda cool, doesn't it?
In addition, the gorgeous St. Peter's Basilica can be found there, which is more than photo worthy. Definitely worth a visit, not only for religious people!

W for Washington, D.C.
The capital of the United States. I could not not include it in this list. The White House is located there, which is reason alone to visit. However there's more: several unique museums, the Lincoln memorial, the Washington Monument, the National Mall and so on (I am not paid to advertise it ;))
I have been to the US before but didn't make it to Washington DC, so this is very high up on my 'places I need to visit' list!

X for ?
Here I need your help. Is there any place beginning with X you really want to see? And why? Leave your answer in the comments.

Y for Yellowstone National Park
As I said, I have been to the US and this is one of the places that I did see - and I would go there again immediately. Even though it smells a bit funny, the geysers are one-of-a-kind  and the springs look incredible. Secret tip: If you visit, make sure you get up at 6am one morning and drive around. There are lots of bison there and since it gets so cold during the night, it looks as if they emit fog in the morning - so stunning! (very badly explained, but see what I meant here)

Z for Zurich, Switzerland
Mountains. Lakes. Botanical Gardens. Old towns. And even skiing. Find all this and more in Zurich. Sounds like a bad advert, but is actually amazing. I'd love to visit Zurich, it is so homely in a way. A perfect place to end my list.

And that's it. All the places I want to visit listed. My life-time goal is to actually see all of them. I don't just want to stay in one place all my life, I want to see the whole world. There are so many beautiful places out there, most of them I couldn't even list here. I want to see them all. And I know, that one day I will.
I love you lots, have the best week ever!

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