Saturday, 10 January 2015

Would you rather Beauty TAG

I love 'would you rather' tags, although I am horrible at making decisions. But who doesn't like to challenge themselves ;). This time I decided to do a beauty edition, 10 'would you rathers' concerning everything beauty related. Get ready, set, GO:

1. Would you rather go out with messy hair and nice make-up or nice hair and no make-up?
Well, this one is actually quite easy as I love the messy hair look and wear it every day anyway so I'd choose nice make-up and messy hair. However the person who created this probably didn't mean the nice type of messy hair but still.... the face is more important than hair :D

2. Would you rather shave your eyebrows or have your eyelashes fall out?
Definitely shave my eyebrows. Until they grow back I could just draw them on with an eyebrow pencil ( loads of girls do that anyway because of over plucking their eyebrows). If my eyelashes fell out it would look really weird when they start growing back and I don't even know if fake lashes would stick without the real ones to support them.

3. Would you rather be forced to shop only at MAC or Sephora for the rest of your life?
Here in the UK we don't have Sephora, but as far as I know they have lots of different brands so I'd only shop at Sephora. As much as I like MAC, I think different brands have different strengths so just relying on one brand would be too risky for me.

4. Would you rather wear lipgloss/lipliner look or 80's perm?
80's perm all the way. I wish I was born in the 80's, I love how crazy and colourful and just over the top everything was. Literally I don't even need a bad other option (like the ligloss/lipliner look - ugh) to agree on getting an 80's perm ;)

5. Would you rather leave the house with an obvious foundation line or overdone blush?
Um, probably an obvious foundation line (have probably done it before...), because I absolutely HATE overdone blush. My face gets red really easily, so with overdone blush I'd just look like a walking tomato!

6. Would you rather wear MC Hammer pants or biker shorts in public?
MC Hammer pants all the way haha. I think they can actually look pretty cool on girls, if you don't drown in them. (If you didn't know, MC Hammer pants are loose fitting trousers inspired by harem pants) Justin Bieber really needs to stop wearing them tho...

7. Would you rather have a bad orange-y spray tan or really weird tan lines that can't be covered?
Tan lines because it'd probably mean I'm naturally tanned rather than that super fake orange stuff. I don't actually tan so having weird tan lines would be more of an achievement than embarrassment to me ;)
8. Would you rather have a bad haircut or bad hair colour?
Oh I've had bad hair colours before e.g. when I was thirteen and thought red would look good on me...
So I'd probably choose a bad hair colour, which is easy to change and I sadly have experience dealing with.

9.Would you rather have youtube or twitter taken away forever?
NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. How's that beauty :'( I would probably go for twitter because youtube is my TV, but then how would I connect to fellow bloggers... This is what I call a first world problem!

10. Would you rather give up using makeup brushes or mascara?
Makeup brushes because mascara is my holy grail beauty product. And I could use sponges or simply my hands to apply my makeup.

Aaaaand that were all the questions. I really enjoyed answering them, I tag everyone reading this!
Also choose the question you found the most difficult and write your answer in the comments - let's share the struggle ;)
Love you lots, have a beautiful day!

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  1. These were pretty difficult, you did well at the answers :p

    Alice x