Sunday, 18 January 2015

Travel diary: BALI

A while ago I went on holiday to Bali for three weeks. I don't know why, but I just never came around to sharing the photographs I took of this stunning country.
Going to Bali is something special, not just because of the 15 hours flight duration. Bali is an island of Indonesia and is a popular travel destination for people either looking to go surfing or (as we did) explore the temples and unique landscape. I fell in love with its beautiful rice fields, rain forests and colourful cities. The only downside were the incense sticks that were literally everywhere and made me feel slightly sick.
Other than that, I would definitely say Bali is a one-in-a-lifetime experience that you shouldn't miss out on! Are you prepared to be bombarded by pictures?

The view from the first travel lodge - we had outside showers and toilets so you literally showered underneath the sky!

They hand-stitched the patterns and images and even made the fabric! It was an eye opening experience.

This was one of the times where I just enjoyed being right there at exactly that moment!

This was the monkey park, there were wild monkeys everywhere. Some tourist got out their water bottle and was immediately jumped on by a monkey trying to steal it!

Temple grotto - even the statues had to wear skirts to cover their legs ;)

Rice fields were everywhere and they were just so fascinating to look at!


Even more rice fields - they built these plateaus so they could plant the rice on the mountain.

We found these two next to the rice plateaus. How cute are they??

I climbed all the way to the waterfall. Standing almost underneath it was an incredible experience!

One of Bali's biggest temples. We weren't allowed to enter it because only certain (holy) people had permission to.

I'll leave you with this breathtaking view I had when we visited the Gili islands next to Bali. Imagine sitting there with a cocktail in your hand and people you love by your side.

Love you lots!
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  1. WOW! I am in complete envy. This looks absolutely incredible. I've now added Bali to my bucket list.

    The Crown Wings

  2. Bell, danke für die Bali-Bilder - nicht nur, weil dort jetzt auch die Sonne scheint, sondern weil sie mich an eine wundervolle Reise erinnert haben, die ich vor Jahren über einige indonesische Inseln inkl. Bali gemacht habe. Deine Bilder sind ein Traum!
    Hab eine feine Zeit

    1. Awh ich bin froh dass ich gute Erinnerungen hervorrufen konnte, Bali ist echt wunderschön! Danke für das liebe kommentar xx