Wednesday, 21 January 2015

5 things I want to achieve this year

I know we're way into 2015 now, but it is never too late for a motivational post (that's what I think anyways). I don't really believe in the whole new year new me stuff, but I do believe in making the best out of  every year. We get the opportunity to fill another 12 months with experiences, memories and life lessons. Let's not waste it!

1. Spend more time offline
The Internet has become a massive part of my life, even more so now that I have started blogging. However I feel like I often 'waste' my time while on the Internet. Twitter, Tumblr and Pinterest keep me online for hours but not in a very productive way. I see all these accounts of people who travel, meet new people and try out new things and always admire them. This year, instead of just looking at other people's amazing lives online, I want to make my own life just as amazing. I want to try out new sporting activities, do a backpack tour (ALREADY PLANNED) and meet new people! With all the support you find online, it is often hard to remember that there is a real world out there which yearns to be explored (haha I'm being cringy now).

2. Take more photographs
Through my blog and my art course I have started to realise just how much I love photography. Capturing beautiful things wherever I go has become my passion. Looking at the photographs and being proud of them is the best feeling in the world. In 2015 I want to take even more pictures and learn more about how to make them look their best!

3. Maintain friendships
In my perfect life I would be living surrounded by all my friends. However this is not the case in real life, and as we all move on with our lives, I sometimes find it hard to keep up friendships. Memories are more easily forgotten than you'd think and the saying 'Out of sight, out of mind' becomes reality. I need to find the time to meet old friends and make an effort to keep in contact. A simple 'How are you?' on whatsapp can go a long way. Don't forget what big part your friends have played in your past - give them a chance to be in your future!

4. Start cooking and baking
Recently I have really gotten into healthy eating. One day each week I eat vegan and overall I just try and eat food that is good for you. Since my family agrees with healthy eating but isn't really into being vegan or overly healthy baking, I have started to cook/bake more. I made the banana bread from Living The Healthy Choice as well as my own Healthy Oatmeal Cookies. In 2015 I want to keep cooking and baking healthy and increasingly often vegan.

5. Stand up for what I believe in
This is one of the reasons I created this blog. I wanted to share my thoughts and connect with people that feel the same way. I still find myself being shy when it comes to standing up for my opinion. I want to start being confident about my believes and passions. This should include telling my friends about this blog, as it is something I really believe in and am passionate about. Right now I am too scared to do so, but this year I want to tell people about my little space on the Internet. I want to find the courage to shout it out loud! (wow.... way to go Bell)

I hope this inspired you to make something of 2015! What do you want to achieve this year? 

Also you might have realised I changed my URL. Long story short I just found the old one wasn't fitting anymore, so I decided to change it to Moreover I am contemplating naming the blog 'My little space'. What do you think? Do you want a full blogpost explaining it?
Love you lots!

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