Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Hair inspiration: short hair

It appears like every female celebrity has made the decision to chop their beautiful locks off and rock a trendy shorter hairstyle. I love it. I myself have rather long hair, but once I find the courage to do so, I will definitely get rid of all that unnecessary length. Here are some of my favourite short hair styles of celebrities:

Vanessa Hudgens
 I have loved Vanessa ever since Highschool Musical, but when she cut her hair I developed a serious woman crush on her. I mean, how gorgeous can one be? Love the ombre effect as well as the soft waves she has in this photo (selfie goals)!

Kristen Stewart
I sadly can't include the picture directly due to copyright, but this lady is my absolute favourite of the short hair club. She looks stunning, the red/orange tinge adds an unique touch to it and her hair looks super textured and voluminous. Whether you like her or not, you can't not like this do. Congrats Kristen, you killed it (in a good way)!

Emma Watson
Yes, this was a while ago but I will never forget the drama it provoked. Maybe because she was one of the first to cut it all off or maybe because her famous film character Hermione Granger would never do that. It doesn't matter as in the end it looked amazing! Her face is so beautiful that she doesn't need long locks to make an impression. A true role model, not just when it comes to hair (coughGoodwillAmbassadorforUNWomencough).

Jennifer Lawrence
Immensely talented, hilarious and gorgeous. JLaw has it all. No wonder she can rock the short hair like no one else. Her hair falls beautifully and frames her face without drowning it, which long hair usually does. Looooove it!

There are endless other women, who have a stunning short hair styles, I could include but I will leave it with these four. Kristen is probably my absolute favourite, but they all pull off the short hair as if they were born with it (pun alarm). Totally makes me want to run to the hairdresser and get my hair cut off, but I am still too afraid (after all I am in no way as breathtaking as these ladies).
I hope you've found this inspiring, whether you want to cut it short or just like looking at hair inspiration. Let me know your favourite celebrity who cut their hair short!
Love you lots!

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  1. Taylor Swift and Vanessa Hudgen's short hair was what inspired me to just one day back in December decide "Yep! It's all going!" I've had really long hair for around 2 years and it was probably the best decision I made. I can finally style my hair again and not have it balanced in a bun on top of my head to keep it out the way. Though, I don't think I could ever go as short as Emma Watson and J Law, they were brave!

    Eunice Caroline.

    1. Ah I'm kinda jealous, I just really need to pull myself together and go shorter!! Everyone says it's so much easier to style. Thanks for commenting :)