Monday, 5 January 2015

OOTD and pep talk

Boots - Hoegl
Trousers - Topshop
Coat - Forever 21
Jumper - Pull & Bear

I wish I could have shown you this outfit in some beautiful location with a hot chocolate in my hand and proper lighting. Truth is tho I am stuck taking photographs after college in my room when it's dark outside. But oh well, life isn't always a fairytale

However that's no reason to sink into depression. I am very well aware that most people (including myself) had to go back to normal life, whatever that is for you, today and it is certainly not the most pleasurable experience. Soo I thought we all need a bit of motivation - here are some things that are worse than the end of holidays:
  • dropping pizza
  • getting stuck in a baby chair
  • Facebook chain messages
  • some plane food
On a more serious note, things often seem worse than they are. I challenge you to find at least one good thing about every single day and write it down. When you look back, you'll see things aren't actually that bad. Now I know this doesn't make getting out if bed on a Monday morning any easier, the only thing that helps in that case is a very strong coffee.
I hope your first day back to the real world wasn't too bad, if it was, I recommend watching a good movie and taking a bubble bath ;)
Love you lots!


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