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15 things I love about London

About 4 years ago my family and I made the big decision of moving to England. We moved into a house just out of London and I slowly but surely fell in love with the city. Not being used to the amount of people that go through London on a daily basis, it took a while to adjust but now I wouldn't want to be without it.
Here are 15 of the things I adore most about London:

1. The Architecture
London's buildings are from a range of different time periods. You can find century old houses just casually standing next to high tech skyscrapers. It is fascinating and makes the city incredibly interesting (and photo worthy). There's an endless range of the most beautiful buildings, from the Houses of Parliament to the Natural History Museum to the Ravensbourne College of Design and Communication. I could go on forever!

2. There's always something going on
A quiet day in London? No way! The next event or festival is just around the corner and it is definitely worth visiting. London never rests. It can seem kind of exhausting but it actually just means it never gets boring.Moreover it throws the best parties (that are enjoyed by the whole world, e.g. the Olympics). London never does anything half way, it always gives 200%.

3. The city never sleeps
This links to my previous point. This city never ever sleeps. If you want some company in the middle of the night, just go into central London. My favourite thing about this point isn't that great for the environment (light pollution) but especially when you live just outside of London, the night sky will always have a red tint. It never goes completely dark as the city literally glows. It looks stunning!

4. The people
Over 8 million people. About 270 different nationalities. London is one of the most diverse cities in the world. It is amazing to walk along the streets and see people from all over the world enjoying London. People from here are crazy, just like the city they always have something going on and it's amazing. Also I have never been anywhere else and heard the word 'sorry' that many times in one day, politeness at its best!

5. Over 300 different languages
This again links to my previous point, but I just had to mention it separately. The people in London speak in over 300 different languages! Can you imagine what it is like sitting on the tube? It's amazing. Picking up fragments of a conversation in a foreign language and wondering what they could've said keeps you from falling asleep. Speaking another language is part of London and everyone accepts it.

6. Shopping
I couldn't not mention shopping. Malls over malls, never ending shopping streets and the biggest range of shops ever. From fancy shopping in Liberty to cute little stands in Camden, you have everything your heart desires!

 7. River Thames
Because not every city has a river flowing right through it! It gives London that special touch and makes it even more beautiful than it already is. The Thames stands for London, just as the Queen stands for England ;)

8. Museums
The variety of different museums is incredible. All of them are filled with breathtaking exhibitions that are definitely worth seeing. If you visit London without visiting one of the museums here, you haven't actually visited London :D

9. Art Galleries
From museums to art galleries, London has it all. Every week there seems to be a new art exhibition that is just as beautiful as the one before. As an Art scholar it is very close to heaven. I recently visited the Frieze Art Fair and it was one of the best yet. I have never ever seen such a wide range of different artists from all over the world in one place!

Spot me?

 10. Graffiti
And moving on from art in galleries to art in the streets of London. You can find the beautiful work of street artists everywhere in the city, but my favourite ones are at Southbank!

 11. Tourist Attractions
Obviously stunning, not just for tourists. I believe you can never get enough of places like the Tower of London, London Eye, Big Ben or the shard! They are the things that represent London, that are pictured in every tourist guide everywhere around the world. I cannot talk about London without giving them the credit they deserve!

12. Parks
I could go on about this forever, have even written a blogpost about this point. The parks. In London you are never very far away from the next oasis of greenery and it is fascinating. One minute you are on a busy high street, the next in a peaceful park with swans swimming in a lake. My all time favourite is Hyde Park  (I dedicated a whole post to this beauty).

13. Fashion
If you ask someone what the fashion capitals are, they will list you Paris, Milan, New York and (guess what) LONDON! Walk the streets and you will know why. Many fashion trends found their starting point here and the biggest designers search the city for inspiration. London fashion week is world famous and a highlight in the fashion industry every year. My fashion style has changed drastically since I've moved here and not for the worse. I have become far more confident in clothes and am often inspired to try new things.

14. Food
From street stands to posh restaurants, London has it all. Even though Britain might not be known for good food, you cannot deny the fact that London offers incredible culinary experiences. From Jamie Oliver to Paella at Covent Garden, you will never be without food. And who doesn't love food?

15. The community
Last but by no means least is London's community. Londoners stick together. Always. It's the foundation of everything else that makes this city one-of-a-kind. 

And that's it :) I really hope you enjoyed reading this, leave a comment telling me what you love about your city!
Love you lots!

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  1. I have always wanted to visit London, so this is a wonderful insight :) x